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okyo Revengers is a popular manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. It tells the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a young man who travels back in time to save his ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana from being killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang, a ruthless group of delinquents. Along the way, he meets various allies and enemies, and tries to change the course of history.

One of the characters that Takemichi encounters is Noritoshi Kamo, a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang and the leader of the Tenjiku faction. He is also known as the “Bloody Halloween Killer”, as he was responsible for a massacre that occurred on October 31, 2003, during a clash between the Tokyo Manji Gang and their rival gang, Moebius.

In this article, we will explore the character of Noritoshi Kamo, his background, personality, abilities, and role in the story of Tokyo Revengers.

All About Noritoshi Kamo

  • Kanji: 加茂憲紀
  • Rōmaji: Kamo Noritoshi
  • Species: Human
  • Birthday: June 5
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Male.pngMale
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Gray

Noritoshi Kamo’s Background

Noritoshi Kamo is a tall and muscular young man with long black hair that he ties in a ponytail. He has a scar on his left cheek and wears a black leather jacket with a red dragon emblem on the back. He also carries a katana with him at all times.

Noritoshi Kamo is the son of a wealthy and influential family that owns several businesses and properties in Tokyo. He is also the descendant of an infamous jujutsu sorcerer who was known as the “Crimson Binding” for his ability to manipulate blood. Noritoshi inherited this cursed technique from his ancestor, and uses it to enhance his physical abilities and create deadly weapons out of blood.

Noritoshi Kamo is a cold and ruthless person who enjoys killing and fighting. He has no loyalty or respect for anyone, not even his own family or gang members. He views everyone as either tools or obstacles for his own ambitions. He is obsessed with becoming the strongest and most feared person in Japan, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

Noritoshi Kamo’s Appearance

Noritoshi is a tall young man who stands above all his peers at Kyoto Jujutsu High other than Todo. He has gray-colored eyes that are normally obscured because Noritoshi normally keeps his eyes completely shut.

He has long black hair he used to keep in a unique style where two strands in front of his face were styled with bandage-like wrappings. The rest of his hair behind his head reached to the bottom of his neck.

While still heir to the Kamo Clan, Noritoshi sported a dark blue tinted shozoku version of the Jujutsu High uniform with zori sandals with white socks. He casually wore a light colored kimono with dark pants around the Kamo clan estate. As a child, he wore a dark yukata robe.

Following the Shibuya Incident and Kenjaku’s hostile takeover of the Kamo clan, Noritoshi cut his hair into a much shorter, spikier style. For the Culling Game, Noritoshi sports a new outfit instead of a Jujutsu High uniform.

He wears a long sleeved black shirt underneath a protective breastplate that covers the left side of his chest. He also sports a waste guard that covers both sides of his hips and holsters the quiver for his arrows. Noritoshi completes this new look with black pants and shoes with white trim.

Noritoshi Kamo’s Personality

Noritoshi is normally very calm and stoic in most situations, whether it be in front of his allies or rivals. Excluding Aoi, he is a senior and a leader for his peers at the Kyoto school other than Aoi.

He also feels a kinship to those who come from sorcerer families such as Megumi. His loyalty to the sorcerer families has distorted his feelings when it comes to others.

Noritoshi has actively treated Mai as though she were beneath him because she didn’t inherit the Ten Shadows Technique. Instead, he speaks familiarly with Megumi despite his lack of real ties with the Zenin family. Additionally, Noritoshi feels that Yuji Itadori must be eliminated because he’s a threat.

The current heir to the Kamo line was born from the current head’s mistress because the rightful wife couldn’t give birth to a son who possessed Blood Manipulation. In order to protect his mother, Noritoshi accepted the responsibility of being heir to the head of the Kamo Family.

This pressure has caused him to embody all of their twisted values, often not thinking for himself, forced to do so for his mother’s sake.

Noritoshi became a jujutsu sorcerer because his mother believed in his potential to help people. Encountering Yuji helped remind him of this because Yuji is a sorcerer for the same reason. One day he hopes to reconnect with his mother after he’s become a great sorcerer.

What is Noritoshi Kamo’s role in Tokyo Revengers?

Noritoshi Kamo first appears in chapter 100 of the manga, when he meets Takemichi Hanagaki in the present day. He reveals that he is the leader of Tenjiku, a faction of the Tokyo Manji Gang that consists of former members of Moebius and other gangs that he recruited or coerced. He also reveals that he was behind the Bloody Halloween incident, where he killed over 100 people from both sides of the conflict, including Hinata Tachibana.

Noritoshi Kamo then challenges Takemichi to a fight, saying that he wants to test his strength against him. He claims that he knows that Takemichi can travel back in time, and that he wants to see if he can change the outcome of Bloody Halloween. He also says that he has a personal grudge against Takemichi, as he was the one who defeated his cousin Kazutora Hanemiya, who was also a member of Tenjiku.

Takemichi accepts the challenge, and they engage in a brutal battle. Noritoshi Kamo uses his blood manipulation technique to create various weapons, such as blades, whips, and arrows.

He also demonstrates his enhanced speed, strength, and durability. Takemichi tries to fight back with his determination and courage, but he is overwhelmed by Noritoshi’s power and skill.

However, before Noritoshi can deliver the final blow, he is interrupted by Mikey (Manjiro Sano), the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Mikey arrives with his loyal followers, and confronts Noritoshi for betraying him and killing Hinata. He declares that he will not forgive him, and that he will make him pay for his crimes.

Noritoshi Kamo then faces Mikey in a one-on-one duel, while Takemichi watches from the sidelines. The two clash with their katanas, and exchange fierce blows. Noritoshi tries to use his blood technique to gain an advantage, but Mikey counters with his own incredible strength and speed. The fight reaches its climax when Mikey slashes Noritoshi’s chest with his sword, causing him to bleed profusely.

Noritoshi Kamo then admits defeat, and acknowledges Mikey as the strongest person in Japan. He also reveals that he was actually working for someone else, who ordered him to kill Hinata and start a war between the gangs. He says that this person is the true enemy of Takemichi and Mikey, and that they should be careful of him.

Noritoshi Kamo then dies from his wounds, leaving behind a mystery about his true motives and master.

Noritoshi Kamo’s Synopsis

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Noritoshi arrives at the Tokyo College for the Kyoto Goodwill Events, along with the other Kyoto College students and teachers. Noritoshi talks with the other students about the Tokyo College students, when they meet them. Noritoshi is present when Satoru Gojo reveals to everyone that Yuji Itadori is alive.

Later, Noritoshi attends the pre-Kyoto Goodwill Event meeting with the other Kyoto College students and principal Yoshinobu Gakuganji, where Yoshinobu tells them to kill Sukuna’s host.

As Aoi Todo gets annoyed by Yoshinobu’s instructing them to be careful and leaves, Noritoshi tries to stop Aoi however, Aoi simply threatens them all and leaves.

Noritoshi then continues to talk with the other about what to do with Yuji, where Noritoshi tells them that they will all attack Yuji together. As Momo Nishimiya worries about Toge Inumaki, Noritoshi says that it won’t be a big deal if they know when its coming.

Before the event begins, Noritoshi is given tool to control as grade 1 curse spirit to kill Yuji by Yoshinobu.

As the Kyoto Goodwill Events begins, Noritoshi wonders where Aoi is at. When the Tokyo students split themselves up, Noritoshi and the others surround Yuji and attack him.

As Noritoshi and the others corners Yuji, Aoi interferes and rescues Yuji. Noritoshi and Aoi confront one another, where Noritoshi decides to let Aoi handle Yuji. Noritoshi then head off with the other student to continue the Kyoto Goodwill Event.

When Momo is attacked, Noritoshi splits with Kasumi Miwa and is confronted by Megumi Fushiguro. When Megumi asks if they are trying to kill Yuji, Noritoshi says that they are and have to good reason to.

Noritoshi continues to face off against Megumi, where to fight forces them into a build. As Noritoshi fires arrows at Megumi, Megumi manages to protect himself and figures out that Noritoshi is manipulating the arrows with his blood.

Noritoshi figures out that Megumi is holding back and expresses that he doesn’t appreciate that. Noritoshi then thinks about what Megumi cursed power is and what it is capable of.

Noritoshi uses his last arrow to block Megumi’s view and uses this chance to get close to Megumi. Noritoshi battle Megumi is close combat, where Megumi figures out that Noritoshi is using a technique to increase his combat abilities.

After fighting Megumi for a little bit, Noritoshi backs off and compliments Megumi on his fighting abilities. Noritoshi and Megumi then have a conversation about why he plans to kill Yuji and why they are similar even through Megumi says that they are not.

When a shikigami appears behind him, Noritoshi prepares to fight it but the shikigami suddenly disappears. Noritoshi figures out what Megumi is doing, and prepares for Megumi’s next attack.

As Megumi uses a shikigami to force Noritoshi out of the building, Noritoshi thinks about how he is now in a bad situation. As Megumi uses his Nue shikigami against Noritoshi, Noritoshi thinks about why he can’t lose and uses a technique to bind Megumi’s Nue.

When Noritoshi and Megumi notice Toge Inumaki and Hanami’s fight, they are forced to run away by Toge. Noritoshi then wonder why a cursed spirit is at the college and who made the screen that was just made.

As Hanami goes to attack, Toge stops him which Noritoshi attacks Hanami with a technique but it doesn’t work on Hanami. As the three attack Hanami, they all stop when Hanami start to tell them the reason why he wants to kill all the humans.

As Hanami continues to attack the three, Noritoshi and the other two run away from him. When Toge manages to stop Hanami, Noritoshi uses a technique and manages to damage to branches on Hanami’s head.

After managing to wounding Hanami, the three quickly run away. Noritoshi thinks about their strategy on how they are handling Hanami, and how they have to get out of the screen and meet up with the principal.

As the three leave the building they were in, they prepare to face Hanami again. They go to attack him, but Toge’s voice gives out and Noritoshi is injured by Hanami. When Hanami goes to finish Noritoshi off, Megumi quickly rescues Noritoshi.

Noritoshi is then left behind when Maki Zenin and Megumi fight Hanami at another location. Noritoshi is then taken outside of the screen, that is surrounding the site, by Momo along with Toge.

Once the situation is handled, Noritoshi’s injuries are treated and he agrees to continue the Kyoto Goodwill Event. Noritoshi then plays a game of baseball with the other students and fail to even swing the bat when he up to the plate.

When Maki intentionally hit Aoi with a baseball, Noritoshi compliments her along with most of the other students. When the Kyoto Goodwill Event is over, Noritoshi heads back to Kyoto along with the others.

Shibuya Incident Arc

Kokichi Muta manipulated events to ensure his classmates would be out of harm’s way during the Shibuya Incident. On the train ride to the location, Noritoshi and his fellow classmates give Miwa privacy as she cries over Mechamaru’s death and her own powerlessness. Something Noritoshi also laments on.

At 11:36pm, Noritoshi arrives with his allies and opens fire on Pseudo Geto in one last attempt to rescue Satoru Gojo. Choso’s sudden arrival and announcement of that the impostor is actually Noritoshi Kamo, much to Noritoshi’s confusion until Utahime and Atsuya Kusakabe describe his ancestors reputation.

As Choso unleashes his Blood Manipulation, Kamo is shocked by his strength. Planning to use Choso’s distraction to attack Noritoshi, Kamo, Panda and Yuji all get ready to attack but are suddenly stuck by Uraume’s Frost Calm attack which freezes them all in place.

Noritoshi Kamo’s Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill Level: Noritoshi is a semi-grade 1 sorcerer with the ability to use the Kamo Family’s acclaimed Inherited Technique: Blood Manipulation. He is a skilled marksman who incorporates jujutsu into his archery.

Kamo is respected as a leader among his peers thanks to his maturity and high tactical mind. During the Goodwill Event, Kamo acted as the leader of the Kyoto Team and led them into battle against Yuji.

Kamo was able to fight evenly with Megumi, a talented first year jujutsu student capable of using the Zenin Family’s Inherited Technique: Ten Shadows Technique.

He was also effective while fighting alongside Toge and Megumi, acting as half of their offensive while slowly creating distance from Hanami. Although Noritoshi was eventually defeated, he was a key reason Megumi was able to discover Hanami’s weakness.

High Tactical Intellect: Noritoshi organized an all out assault in an attempt on Yuji’s life. The ambush was sudden, and might have been effective if not for Aoi’s interference. When their group was forced to retreat, Kamo was quick to order his fellow to secure their main information gatherer, Momo, who had been compromised.

While fighting Megumi, Noritoshi employed tactics such as blocking Megumi’s view in order to close the distance and engage in hand to hand combat with the shikigami user. In the battle against Hanami, Noritoshi knew the students best bet would be to use their cursed techniques to stall Hanami and eventually expose a weak point.

Why is Noritoshi Kamo important in Tokyo Revengers?

Noritoshi Kamo is an important character in Tokyo Revengers for several reasons:

  • He is the main antagonist of the Bloody Halloween arc, which is one of the most pivotal and tragic events in the story. He is responsible for killing Hinata Tachibana, who is Takemichi’s ex-girlfriend and the reason why he travels back in time. He also causes a lot of death and destruction, and creates a rift between the Tokyo Manji Gang and their allies.
  • He is the leader of Tenjiku, which is a major threat to the Tokyo Manji Gang and their goal of creating a peaceful world. He gathers a lot of powerful and dangerous people under his command, and challenges Mikey’s authority and leadership. He also has connections to other influential and sinister forces, such as the Kamo family and the mysterious person who ordered him to kill Hinata.
  • He is a formidable opponent for Takemichi and Mikey, who have to overcome his blood manipulation technique and his ruthless personality. He tests their strength and resolve, and pushes them to their limits. He also reveals some secrets and hints about the true nature of the time travel phenomenon, and the identity of the real enemy.

Noritoshi Kamo is a character that leaves a lasting impact on the story and the characters of Tokyo Revengers. He is a villain that represents the dark side of the gang world, and the dangers of power and ambition. He is also a catalyst for change, as he forces Takemichi and Mikey to face their past and their future, and to make new decisions that will affect their destiny.

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