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Megumi Fushiguro (伏ふし黒ぐろ恵めぐみ Fushiguro Megumi?) is the deuteragonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a grade 2 jujutsu sorcerer and first-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High alongside Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki.

Megumi is the step brother of Tsumiki Fushiguro and as the son of Toji Fushiguro, Megumi is also a descendant of the Zenin Family. Megumi was born outside the clan as Toji’s trump card and was eventually found by Satoru Gojo, who mentored him and enrolled him at Jujutsu High as his student.

  • Kanji: 伏黒恵
  • Rōmaji: Fushiguro Megumi
  • Alias: Sea Urchin Head
  • Species: Human
  • Birthday: December 22, 2002
  • Age: 15
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
  • Weight: 60kg (132 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Green (Manga)/Dark Blue (Anime)

Appearance Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi is a relatively tall, slim young man with fair skin and green eyes (dark blue in the anime adaptation). He has uniquely styled black hair with long spikes that jut out in every direction around his head, resembling a sea urchin (according to Hakari).

Megumi typically wears a standard Jujutsu High uniform with a dark blue jacket over a long sleeved white dress shirt. His uniform pants match his jacket and only reach to just above his shins.

He wears long black socks that cover his exposed ankles and finishes his outfit with low-top brown shoes. He also has a blue tracksuit for training.

In middle school, Megumi wore the Saitama Urami East Junior High uniform, which consisted of a tan jacket over a white dress shirt with black pants and white sneakers. While sneaking inside the Gachinko Fight Club, Megumi wore a black hoodie and matching pants with his normal shoes as a disguise.

Megumi Fushiguro Personality

Megumi is a very outwardly stoic, aloof, and calculating individual. He usually has a neutral facial expression that he rarely changes and appears to take every situation seriously.

This contrasts with Yuji, Nobara, and Satoru’s outgoing and goofy personalities, which often annoy Megumi. He’s easily irritated and Yuji has noted that Megumi seems like he’s always slightly angry.

Even as a child Megumi was very stern, earnest, and thoughtful, to the point where Satoru questioned if he was really a first-grader at the time when they first met.

When Satoru first explained the situation with the Zenin clan, Megumi revealed he didn’t care about his father and assumed that he and Tsumiki’s mother were done taking care of them. He was able to understand that he had been sold to the Zenin clan but only agreed to go if Tsumiki would be happy as well.

Megumi has always been annoyed by Satoru’s attitude ever since they first met. He didn’t care for the idea of becoming a sorcerer and became more jaded about it over time. By the time Megumi reached middle school, his impersonal attitude had fully set in.

He thought becoming a jujutsu sorcerer would be pointless as he didn’t see himself as someone who saves others. Megumi was uninterested in making friends but he believed the basis of human interaction was avoiding violating someone else’s dignity.

He would beat up school bullies who ignored this rule to feed their egos, gaining a reputation as the biggest troublemaker in school as a result. Tsumiki wanted him to stop getting in fights but Megumi didn’t listen and wrote her off.

Megumi hated bad people with unearned pride just as much as he did good people who were too merciful to the former. Tsumiki is a perfect example of a good person to Megumi, but he was annoyed with her hypocrisy whenever she would get upset at him for hurting bad people.

Megumi eventually realized that he immature and was wrong to think that way. He surmised that Tsumiki was simply choosing to protect him in the same way he was choosing who to help.

Tsumiki believed that Megumi’s lack of forgiveness was his way of showing kindness. After Tsumiki was cursed, Megumi was filled with regret and found the drive to become a sorcerer so he could save her.

As a jujutsu sorcerer, Megumi developed his own sense of justice and is steadfast in his personal interpretation of right and wrong. Like his mentor, Megumi refuses to be influenced by traditions within the jujutsu world.

Yuji should’ve been executed when it was discovered he was able to incarnate Sukuna, but Megumi ignored the rules and made a personal request to Satoru to protect Yuji. However, Megumi was unsure for a while if he made the correct decision.

During the mission to the juvenile detention center, Yuji mentioned how reliable Megumi was for saving people but Megumi appeared uncomfortable with that statement. Yuji wanted to return Tadashi Okazaki’s corpse to his mother but Megumi disagreed and said to leave him behind.

Tadashi’s criminal record made Megumi believe he wasn’t even worth saving when he was alive. While arguing with Yuji over the circumstances, Megumi pointed out that saving as many people as possible runs the risk of them hurting others in the future.

This directly contrasts with Megumi saving Yuji despite knowing the danger Sukuna poses. When Yuji asked why Megumi saved him if that was the case, Megumi was unable to give an immediate answer.

While fighting against Sukuna, Megumi pondered the aforementioned question of why he rescued Yuji. Megumi believes that the only thing that’s fair about life is how it’s unfair to everyone and that jujutsu sorcerers are a just cog in karmic retribution. He wants more good people like Tsumiki to receive fairness and that’s why he decides to save people unfairly.

This helped him realize that he didn’t save Yuji because it was logical, he did it because he didn’t want to see a good person die. He knows it was a selfish and emotional decision but Megumi is okay with that because he’s not a hero, he’s a jujutsu sorcerer. This is why he’s never regretted saving Yuji, not even for a second.

Megumi’s admission of his reasoning for saving Yuji led the latter to sacrifice himself to stop Sukuna. Afterward, Megumi visited Tadashi’s mother and admitted that he wasn’t sure about saving him.

Megumi was able to retrieve Tadashi’s name tag and gave it to his mother, apologizing for being unable to rescue him. Ms. Okazaki asked him not to apologize, but Megumi was clearly remorseful about the incident. He returned to Jujutsu High shortly afterward and asked Maki what kind of people she wanted to save, only to be annoyed by her response.

Megumi and Nobara weren’t particularly close after their initial meeting, but Yuji’s premature demise brought them closer together. It was the first time either of them lost a friend in battle.

While neither of them reacted emotionally over his death, Megumi noticed that Nobara was clearly bothered and they were both saddened by what occurred.

While introducing Nobara to Maki, Toge, and Panda, Megumi mentioned that Yuta Okkotsu is the only senpai he sincerely respects. Megumi and Nobara both agreed to participate in the Goodwill Event to honor their fallen friend, swearing to get stronger no matter what.

Aoi Todo judges everyone by their response to “what kind of girls do you like?”, including Megumi. Despite being generally uninterested in answering, Megumi responded to this question to try and avoid conflict with Todo and Mai during the leadup to the Goodwill Event.

He told Todo he doesn’t have a preference as long as his partner is compassionate, but Todo was bored to tears by this response and beat up Megumi for disappointing him. Despite being clearly outmatched, Megumi never backed down.

Megumi and Nobara were mortified by Yuji’s surprise return, quite the opposite reaction he was expecting. Nobara was upset by Yuji’s inconsiderate return while Megumi was concerned by her reaction.

Without Yuji mentioning it, Megumi was able to tell that something traumatic happened to him while he was away. Yuji tried to play it off but Megumi was able to see right through him, maintaining stern eye contact until Yuji admitted it. They both subsequently agreed never to lose again as a result of their experiences.

During the Goodwill Event, Panda apologized to Megumi for not including a rematch against Todo in their team plans, but Megumi was completely indifferent about it, disappointing Panda with his dry response.

When Megumi surmised the Kyoto Team was targeting Yuji, he immediately moved to confront Noritoshi Kamo and asked him about it directly about it. He knew the Big Three Sorcerer Families would want Sukuna’s vessel out of the picture, but Megumi has no loyalty to the Zenin clan.

Noritoshi believed that he and Megumi would eventually become pillars of the Big Three Families and treated him with a familiarity that made Megumi uncomfortable. While Noritoshi thought they were similar and it was their duty to kill Sukuna’s vessel, Megumi completely disagreed.

Untethered to the conservative ideals of sorcerer clans, Megumi stated that he doesn’t care about being right or wrong and that he only believes in his own conscience.

Determined to follow that conscience and to save people unfairly, Megumi told Noritoshi that if they disagree, then they would simply have to agree to curse each other.

Megumi already considered Yuji and Nobara comrades and friends by the time of the Goodwill Event, but he was very distant with them. They knew very little about one another personally because Megumi chose not to share much about himself.

During their mission to his middle school, Megumi was so embarrassed about revisiting his past that he couldn’t even speak properly. He refused to make eye contact and spoke with heavy pauses between every word in his short sentences.

This only served to irritate Nobara and Yuji, who hassled him about his secretiveness and unwillingness to acknowledge his past. Megumi even blushed when he was reunited with Takeda and was annoyed with Akari Nitta for making him the one to speak with the faculty member.

He also hit Yuji multiple times for making fun of him for his past as a troublemaker. When Takeda asked about Tsumiki, Megumi chose to withhold the truth about her condition.

When Yuji and Nobara asked who Tsumiki was, Megumi simply told him she was his sister, further annoying Nobara because she didn’t know Megumi had any siblings due to his secretive nature.

When Megumi discovered that Tsumiki visited Yasohachi Bridge in the same manner as the other victims of the investigation and realized she could be in danger, he pretended to like things were fine and he could talk to Tsumiki about it.

However, Yuji noticed him freaking out and asked about it, only for Megumi to continue keeping him at a distance. He tried to get Yuji and Nobara to return to school without telling them the truth of his concerns.

When he returned to the bridge alone, Megumi was so caught up in lamenting that he didn’t even notice his classmates following him. Yuji and Nobara reminded Megumi that he doesn’t tell them anything about himself.

They assured him he didn’t have to share everything but asked that he depend on them as his friends. This encouragement helped Megumi admit the truth about Tsumiki’s condition and his concerns.

Yuji and Megumi dismissed the danger of the mission and told Megumi he should’ve led with that information. Pleased with his comrades’ willingness to help him, Megumi smiled.

Around this time, Megumi was also feeling insecure about his own strength. Yuji fought a special grade during an invasion of the Goodwill Event while Megumi was taken out of the action by that very same curse. While recovering from his injuries, Megumi made it a point to tell Yuji he would surpass him.

Pressured by Yuji’s rapid growth, Megumi went to Satoru for training even though asking his sensei for anything annoys him. Satoru had to make Megumi realize that his mindset is what kept him from evolving as a sorcerer.

This initially irritated Megumi, who thought Satoru was insinuating that he wasn’t trying his best. On the contrary, Satoru was saying that Megumi’s mental block is preventing him from bringing out his best.

For example, Megumi chose to bunt during the Baseball Game so Nobara could advance while Yuji swung for a home run. Megumi argued that like in baseball, coordinating with teammates is important.

However, Satoru pointed out that despite how many comrades someone has, they will always die alone. Megumi would rely on a failsafe technique that could take the life of his enemy should he fall as well.

Satoru told him that line of thinking would never get him to reach his sensei’s level and taught him that dying before winning and dying victoriously are two completely different things. Megumi took his advice to heart and decided to be selfish, something that helped force his growth as a fighter.

While facing a Finger Bearer for the second time, an opponent Megumi fled from when he first encountered one, he decided not to fall back on his old tendencies.

Rather than trying to match those around him, Megumi was able to visualize a stronger future for himself. Smiling like a madman, Megumi threw caution to the wind and activated Domain Expansion, allowing him to best the special grade and begin to realize his potential.

Megumi only attempted to use his failsafe and take his opponent down with him once his back was completely against the wall in Shibuya. The curse user Haruta Shigemo seriously injured Megumi with a sneak attack, leaving him no choice but to summon the uncontrollable Mahoraga.

Satoru once told him that a Limitless user and a Ten Shadows Technique user once killed each other, but this wasn’t enough to convince Megumi he could be as strong as his sensei. Instead, he believes that Ten Shadows Technique user probably used Mahoraga in the same failsafe manner.

Determined to do his best to contribute to stopping the Shibuya Incident, Megumi embraced his own demise, telling Shigemo he would be the first to pass on, confident that the curse user would join him soon after.

After recovering, Megumi discovered Tsumiki had been ensnared in the Culling Game. He reunited with Yuji and asked for him to return to Jujutsu High so they could make preparations despite his execution being reinstated.

Yuji was still feeling guilty from Sukuna’s rampage in Shibuya and told Megumi to stop acting as if everything was okay. In response, Megumi also took responsibility for what happened and asked Yuji not to be selfish, reminding him that they’re sorcerers and not heroes.

Megumi believes no one can judge sorcerers so they must continually prove their existence by saving people. Megumi asked Yuji to start by saving him, openly begging Yuji to use his strength to rescue Tsumiki.

This convinced Yuji, but when he asked about Nobara’s mortal injuries following the Shibuya Incident, Megumi couldn’t even bring himself to say what happened to their dear friend.

Around this same time, Megumi was also informed by Maki that he was the new head of the Zenin clan following Naobito’s death. Megumi’s reserved personality immediately led him to reject the position, claiming its too much of a hassle.

Megumi isn’t very materialistic and social status isn’t important to him either, so he couldn’t care less about the fortune he’d receive. He told Maki he’d step down so she could lead the clan instead.

Even after Maki pointed out several legitimate reasons why Megumi would be a more acceptable head, he continued to be difficult simply because he really didn’t want to do it.

However, when Maki admitted that she wasn’t good enough yet to create a home for Mai as clan head, Megumi understood her position and accepted his role in order to help.

While trying to recruit Hakari to handle the Culling Game, Megumi and Panda ended up in a scuffle with Kirara Hoshi. They were initially unable to convince Kirara that they weren’t Jujutsu High spies trying to prosecute Hakari.

After successfully restraining Kirara, Megumi immediately let them go and simply asked them to listen. Desperate for Hakari’s aid, Megumi prostrated himself, bowing to Kirara and begging them to listen.

While cutting a deal with Hakari for his help, Megumi decided to take advantage of the fact that he’s head of the Zenin clan in their negotiations. They were able to make a plan together but when Yuji expressed his concerns about Sukuna, Megumi told him to shut up, starting an argument between the two.

Refusing to allow the senpai to adjust their roles for his own safety, Megumi told Yuji to stop being self-centered and that his concerns were an annoying waste of time.

Upon entering the Culling Game, Megumi was attacked by a girl named Remi, who he didn’t hesitate to knock down. In exchange for helping him reach his goal, Megumi agreed to be Remi’s “knight”, but only on the condition that she was being honest.

Megumi is sensibly suspicious of other Culling Game players, so he warned Remi by implying he would kill her if she was lying. Unlike Yuji, Megumi had no qualms about eliminating other players in order to score one hundred points on his own.

When Megumi realized he’d been deceived, he glared at Remi with deadly intensity to reinforce the threat he made earlier. Focused only on saving his beloved sister, Megumi told Remi to shut up as soon as she began to arrogantly respond. He claimed they were wasting time and readied himself for a fight.

Reggie Star, Remi’s “true knight”, offered Megumi the chance to join their group. After playing along to get information out of Reggie, Megumi answered he would only join if everyone in their group handed over their points.

This led to Megumi getting ambushed but he was easily able to momentarily dispatch Chizuru Hari and told Remi to never let him see her again. However, Megumi made the mistake of holding back in order to get the rival players points.

This allowed Iori Hazenoki the opportunity to surprise attack Megumi with a body part bomb. Remi was caught in the ensuing explosions along with Megumi, making it clear she was expendable the entire time, something Megumi already suspected. Megumi told her to get lost because Reggie’s group wouldn’t protect her.

Instead, she attacked Megumi and begged him to say he would protect her. Irritated with her erratic behavior, Megumi told Remi that she’s the type of trash who cares more about words than deeds.

Despite being worn down by Hazenoki’s explosions, Megumi found his second wind when Kogane announced that Yuji completed their mission. With Tsumiki’s safety partially secured, Megumi smiled and engaged his opponents with his full strength.

After eliminating Hari, Megumi questioned his actions, but only for a moment. He reminded himself not to lose his head and to trust in his allies, confidently resolving to wave away any difficulties that crossed his path.

Fumihiko Takaba suddenly decided to help Megumi fight Reggie and Hazenoki, so the student put his cynism aside and decided to trust him for the time being. Fumihiko’s eccentric personality reminded Megumi of Todo and he didn’t laugh at his jokes, but they were still able to communicate and work together well enough to separate their opponents.

Megumi even felt comfortable asking Takaba to try and steal Hazenoki’s points, viewing him as a potential ally for the future. After finally getting Reggie one-on-one, Megumi warned him that he was ready to fight earnestly since his objective in the colony was already completed by Yuji.

After defeating Reggie, Megumi was slightly displeased when his opponent willingly handed over all his points. Megumi went after Remi next by sending Divine Dog out to hunt her, but Tsumiki’s voice stopped him carrying out his threats.

Abilities and Powers Megumi Fushiguro

Overall Skill Level: Despite only being a first-year at Jujutsu High, Megumi is a grade 2 sorcerer and possesses one of the highest potentials of any student regardless of age.

He inherited the prized Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin clan and is favored by the strongest sorcerer himself, Satoru Gojo. Satoru believes that Megumi could become as strong as he is and has stated he likely possesses even more skill and potential than Yuji.

Mai Zenin admitted it was impressive for Megumi to be ranked grade 2 in only his first year and Noritoshi Kamo has stated Megumi’s age is irrelevant because of his inherited technique. Even Sukuna has taken a special interest in Megumi due to his unique talents.

Megumi is exceptionally smart and a highly disciplined combatant. He is a cerebral fighter that focuses on outwitting his opponents rather than overpowering them. He is the most level headed thinker out of Satoru’s students and he tries to assess every situation logically to try and find the best course of action.

By the time he met Yuji Itadori, Megumi was already capable of summoning several different shikigami and he had a solid grasp on the Ten Shadows Technique. When Satoru left Megumi without much direction in his assignment to track down Sukuna’s finger at Yuji’s school, he was still able to navigate the mission on his own.

Megumi is well versed in his understanding of jujutsu and can accurately deduce threat levels, allowing him to nearly secure Sukuna’s finger without issue. However, Yuji and his friends needlessly complicated the mission and led to Megumi getting caught off guard by a giant cursed spirit that nearly incapacitated him.

During the evacuation of the Eishu Detention Center, Megumi quickly recognized they had been caught in an unfavorable situation when they stepped into an incomplete domain.

He was also well aware that he couldn’t stand up to a special grade and switched his priority to rescuing Nobara. Using his arsenal of shikigami, Megumi was able to track Nobara down and save her while also giving Yuji the signal to let Sukuna out to exorcise the special grade.

This backfired and Sukuna was given temporary free reign, leading to a fight between him and Megumi. While clearly outclassed, Megumi figured he could force Sukuna to repair Yuji’s heart if he dragged out the fight long enough.

While not fully successful, Sukuna was impressed by Megumi’s power and even implied that he could’ve defeated the special grade instead of fleeing.

This incident made Megumi realize what areas of his skill set he needed to improve on in order to become a stronger fighter. He and Nobara trained with Maki to increase their capabilities in armed and unarmed close combat.

It was at this time Megumi realized he could use his cursed technique in more inventive ways, such as storing weapons inside it so he can keep his hands free for summoning shikigami. Megumi couldn’t hope to stand up to Aoi Todo in their scuffle, he undoubtedly increased his combat skills prior to the Goodwill Event.

Megumi fought on equal ground with Noritoshi Kamo during the Goodwill Event. Kamo is also someone who inherited a cursed technique passed down in the Big Three Sorcerer Families and is two years Megumi’s senior.

Motivated to protect Yuji from Kamo’s traditionalist ideals, Megumi pushed his opponent to the limit and could’ve come out victorious if not for Hanami’s sudden invasion of the event.

Megumi was able to deduce Hanami’s weakness while fighting alongside Kamo and Inumaki and did his best to exploit it while teaming with Maki. While it didn’t work well enough for him to beat Hanami, this information proved invaluable for his allies.

As Megumi’s skills continued to grow he was only held back by his own mental restraints, as noted by Satoru. Once Megumi stopped relying on his last resort and let his imagination flow freely, he achieved greater growth in his abilities than ever before.

Megumi achieved Domain Expansion and like Sukuna believed he could, he defeated a special grade Finger Bearer with nothing but his own strength.

Megumi works well in a group and has always proven to be a valuable asset. His technique allows him to summon a variety of different aids to not only him, but his entire squad. For example, Divine Dogs allows for easier tracking and Nue provides an option for attacking targets in the air.

His value as a squad member was showcased a great deal during the Shibuya Incident, where Megumi had to work together with other sorcerers to survive. Although he initially struggled to find a rhythm alongside Yuji, Megumi was able to work with him to take down a strong curse user.

It was Nue that allowed Yuji and Ino to mount an assault on the Shibuya C Tower and draw the curse users there into a fight. Megumi accurately deduced their opponent’s technique and used Yuji’s strength to take Jiro Awasaka down.

Ino was heavily injured in his battle but Megumi was able to get him to Shoko in time using Nue to save his life. Megumi re-entered the incident and saved Maki, Naobito, and Nanami from the sure-hit of Dagon’s domain expansion.

He entered Dagon’s domain willingly in order to create a hole inside so he could rescue his allies. While everything didn’t go quite as planned, Megumi’s intervention saved the lives of his comrades.

Megumi was isolated from the others by Toji, the same seanced fighter who defeated Ino and Dagon. On his own, Megumi was able to survive against an opponent with incredible physical prowess.

He remained calm and thought rationally, buying himself more time with every move. Megumi accepted he couldn’t get away without an injury and relied on the fact that Shoko was present in Shibuya.

Without anyone to watch his back, Megumi was susceptible to a surprise attack after consecutive fights. Haruta Shigemo slashed him across the back and heavily injured Megumi. Rather than allow himself to bleed out or get killed, Megumi decided to summon the unstoppable Mahoraga to attack both of them.

Megumi was rescued by Sukuna, who’s interested in his unique abilities, and was inactive the rest of the Shibuya Incident. Before he was taken out, Megumi helped effectively take down several key adversaries.

With the larger goal of rescuing Tsumiki from the Culling Game, Megumi continued to advance the applications of his cursed technique and used it to skillfully infiltrate the Gachinko Fight Club. He gathered information and put himself and Yuji in positions to complete their task.

When he and Panda were compromised by Kirara Hoshi, a third-year Jujutsu High student, Megumi acted quickly so that they didn’t derail the mission. Megumi was able to outsmart Kirara and restrain them so he could appeal to them as an ally rather than an enemy.

He didn’t expend unnecessary energy trying to harm Kirara and only acted accordingly to progress toward his overall goal.

Megumi proved how far he’s come as a fighter during the Culling Game itself. He contended with enemy sorcerers in the Tokyo No. 1 Colony after it had already reached a deadlocked point where only some of the strongest players remained.

He was able to easily overcome Remi and survived a four-on-one ambush from Reggie Star’s group. Not only did Megumi survive an explosive onslaught from Reggie and Hazenoki, but he eliminated Chizuru Hari, a player with twenty eight points in the process.

After getting Reggie one-on-one, Megumi was able to deduce his opponent’s technique and think several steps of him. Megumi was victorious in his fight against Reggie, albeit a difficult one where he suffered major injuries.

He used everything in his arsenal to survive and came out the winner using all the experience and abilities he acquired thus far.

Enhanced Strength: While not as strong as Yuji, Megumi has been shown to possess a high level of physical proficiency, and when he was in junior high, he beat up half the delinquents in the area.

Enhanced Speed: Although not as naturally fast as Yuji and Maki, he has been shown being able to follow their moves and fight alongside them effectively.

Enhanced Durability: Fushiguro has a large amount of durability. He has been shown to take hits from Sukuna at three fingers and from Aoi Todo and survive. He has survived a blow from a Finger Bearer and later won against it.

After the Shibuya incident, Megumi was able to withstand forty units of G-force while fighting Reggie Star, whereas a normal person would lose consciousness at five to six units of G-force.

Enhanced Endurance: Fushiguro has unnatural endurance. He is able to constantly use Domain Expansion despite it pushing him to his limit. He was able to engage in a Domain tug-of-war with Dagon for an extended period of time, and continue fighting with Toji after that, even taking a stab wound and continue fighting and still be able to summon Mahoraga.

Enhanced Reflexes: Fushiguro has considerably better reflexes than others. He was able to react to Awasaka’s attacks, dodge Noritoshi Kamo’s arrows and even managed to react to Toji’s attacks despite not being able to see him.

Weapon Mastery: Although Megumi’s technique makes it difficult for him to wield weapons at the same time, as his shikigami need both hands to be summoned, he has started to train with polearms under Maki Zenin.

He also once used tonfa to confront Noritoshi Kamo. He often used a jet black sword, which he was quite skilled with, until it shattered.

Great Tactical Intellect: Megumi has showcased a high level of tactical thinking. He is capable of quickly spotting various weaknesses his opponents may have, being the person to recognize Hanami’s branches as his weak spot.

Megumi is also capable of determining cursed techniques his opponents may have, shown during the fight him and Yuji had against Jiro Awasaka.

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