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Tokyo Revengers is a popular anime and manga series by Ken Wakui that follows the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a young man who travels back in time to change the fate of his former girlfriend and his friends who are involved in a violent gang called Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman).

Along his journey, he meets various characters who are part of Toman or its rival gangs, such as Tenjiku, Rokuhara Tandai, and Bonten. One of these characters is Kinji Hakari, also known as Mucho, who is a former member of Toman and one of the founding members and executives of Tenjiku.

All About Kinji Hakari

  • Kanji: 秤金次
  • Rōmaji: Hakari Kinji
  • Alias: Kin (by Kirara)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair Color: Black/Dyed Purple
  • Eye Color: Magenta

Kinji Hakari’s Background

Kinji Hakari is a tall and muscular young man with blond hair and turquoise eyes (brown in the anime). He has a calm and stoic personality, rarely showing any emotion or expression.

He is loyal to his leader and his gang, and does not tolerate traitors or disobedience. He is also very strong and skilled in fighting, often using his fists or a metal pipe as his weapon.

He was born in 1987, making him part of the S-62 Generation, a group of delinquents who were active in the year 2005. He joined the Tokyo Manji Gang, also known as Toman, and became the captain of the Fifth Division, one of the eight divisions that make up the gang. He was responsible for maintaining order and discipline among his subordinates, and punishing those who violated the rules or betrayed the gang.

He was also close friends with Nahoya Kawata, the captain of the Eighth Division, and Haruchiyo Sanzu, his vice-captain and right-hand man. He considered Sanzu as his younger brother, and often helped him out in battles. He also respected Manjiro Sano, the leader of Toman, and followed his orders without question.

Kinji Hakari’s Appearance

Kinji is a tall young man with tan skin and a muscular build. He has small magenta colored eyes with thin slitted eyebrows and a thin mustache made of stubble.

While at Jujutsu High, Hakari had black hair styled into short twisted locks with a fade below his brow line. His hair is currently dyed light purple and he styles it more like an afro than twists.

As the boss of Gachinko Fight Club, Kinji dressed the part of a bookie. He sported a white tank-top beneath his dark fur coat along with gray pants and light colored boots.

After agreeing to combat the Culling Game, Hakari sports his normal Jujutsu High jacket with the same jeans and boots.

Kinji Hakari’s Personality

Kinji is a very self absorbed type of person who cares little for the rules and regulations of Jujutsu High. Yuta Okkotsu describes him as moody and apparently, all the other students that are around Kinji’s age think of him as a good for nothing.

Kinji is an individual who enjoys watching people get lost in their passions. He describes this as people’s “fever” burning hot. Kinji is clever and pours his own fever into manipulating others.

He believes people are desperate to change their lives and an easy way of directing their fever is through gambling. He doesn’t believe there is a single person that exists without the fever and his goal is to manipulate all of Japan’s fever with his fight club.

According to Kirara Hoshi, Kinji’s fever burns hottest when he’s working as a sorcerer for jujutsu high. However, Kinji’s attitude and modern cursed technique don’t mesh well with the higher ups.

He was suspended for assaulting a conservative member and decided to act outside their regulations. Kinji is willing to take advantage of the chaos caused by the public reveal of curses to advance his fight club. Eventually, his goal is to get his club recognized by jujutsu officials for the coming changes in their regulations.

Kinji is only willing to put his life on the line with another sorcerer if they show him a proper fever. Initially, upon encountering Yuji, Kinji felt that the first-year’s fever was weak because Yuji was sent to him on the recommendation of others.

Yuji explained that he’s just a cog in the system of jujutsu sorcerers, which Kinji thought was boring. However, Yuji proved he’s a cog in fever, burning hot enough to gain Kinji’s attention. Kinji agreed to cut a deal with Yuji and his allies simply because he believes the fever never lies.

Despite his brash disposition, Kinji is very grateful for those who took care of him. He was fairly distraught learning that Masamichi Yaga died and Satoru Gojo was sealed, claiming he hadn’t been so bummed since his friend Yakul got shot in the butt with an arrow.

Yuji, Megumi, and Panda found this comment strange and they assumed Kinji must live a relatively calm life.

Kinji agreed to help Megumi and his allies but he made sure to clarify that this isn’t a personal favor, but a deal between both parties. Panda asked what exactly Kinji wanted and “sea-urchin head” (Megumi) somewhat answered for him, annoying Hakari.

He felt bad for Yaga and Gojo, but Hakari was even more surprised to learn Megumi was head of the Zenin clan. Almost instantly, Hakari was nicer to Megumi and asked him to be best buds in order to gain a close ally within the Big Three Families.

Kinji Hakari’s Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill Level: Hakari is widely recognized as one of the most powerful students at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Satoru Gojo, the undisputed strongest sorcerer in the world, believes that Hakari and Yuta Okkotsu will have the potential to rival his power one day.

As Yuji stated, all of his senpai have stated that Hakari is exceptionally strong. Yuta even believes Hakari is the stronger of the two of them when he’s worked up.

Master Hand-to-Hand-Combatant: Kinji is an exceptionally capable hand to hand combatant, able to apply life threatening pressure to Yuji, a very proficient taijutsu specialist.

Yuji stopped resisting in order to win Kinji’s approval and ended up suffering several blows that dealt serious damage to the first year.

How Did He Become a Traitor?

However, everything changed when Izana Kurokawa, the leader of the S-62 Generation and Mucho’s former boss, returned to Tokyo after being imprisoned for five years.

Izana had a grudge against Sano for taking over Toman and betraying him, and he wanted to take revenge by creating a new gang called Tenjiku. Tenjiku was composed of former members of Toman who followed Izana, as well as other powerful delinquents from various gangs.

Mucho was one of the first members to join Tenjiku, along with Kawata and Sanzu. He secretly worked with Izana to undermine Toman from within, and planned to kill Sano and his allies. He also recruited other Toman members to join Tenjiku, such as Shuji Hanma, the captain of the Fourth Division.

Mucho’s betrayal was revealed when he attacked Takemichi Hanagaki, the protagonist of the story and Sano’s sworn brother. Takemichi had traveled back in time from 2017 to 2005 to prevent Toman from becoming a criminal organization that caused a lot of deaths and tragedies in the future. He had also befriended Mucho and other Toman members in the past, unaware of their true intentions.

Mucho confronted Takemichi at a warehouse where Toman was supposed to have a meeting with another gang called Valhalla. He accused Takemichi of being a traitor who was working with Valhalla to destroy Toman.

He then revealed his true allegiance to Tenjiku, and tried to kill Takemichi with his pipe. However, he was stopped by Sanzu, who had changed his mind about betraying Toman after seeing Takemichi’s courage and sincerity.

Mucho was shocked by Sanzu’s betrayal, and felt betrayed himself. He then fought against Sanzu in a brutal battle that ended with both of them severely injured. Mucho managed to escape with Kawata’s help, but not before swearing revenge on Sanzu and Takemichi.

What Happened to Him Afterwards?

Mucho continued to be an active member of Tenjiku, and participated in several battles against Toman and Valhalla. He was one of the executives who led Tenjiku’s attack on Shibuya on Halloween night in 2005, where they clashed with thousands of delinquents from various gangs. He fought against many enemies, including Sanzu again.

He also faced Takemichi once more at Shinjuku Station on Christmas Eve in 2005, where Tenjiku planned to assassinate Sano. He tried to stop Takemichi from reaching Sano’s location, but he was defeated by Takemichi’s determination and willpower.

In 2017, Mucho was still a member of Tenjiku, which had become a notorious criminal organization that controlled most of Tokyo. He was one of the top-ranking members who reported directly to Izana. He had also dyed his hair black and wore a suit instead of his usual delinquent attire.

He met Takemichi again when Takemichi returned to 2017 after changing some events in 2005. Takemichi had managed to save Sano and Toman from Tenjiku’s attack, but he had also caused a new conflict between Toman and another gang called Bonten. Mucho was sent by Izana to kidnap Takemichi and bring him to Tenjiku’s headquarters, where Izana wanted to talk to him.

Mucho was surprised to see Takemichi alive, and wondered how he had survived Tenjiku’s attacks in the past. He also noticed that Takemichi had changed a lot, and had become more confident and fearless. He asked Takemichi what his goal was, and what he wanted to do with Toman.

Takemichi told Mucho that his goal was to save everyone from the tragedies that Tenjiku had caused, and to make Toman a true family that cared for each other. He also told Mucho that he still considered him as a friend, and that he wanted him to join Toman again.

Mucho was moved by Takemichi’s words, and felt a pang of guilt and regret for his actions. He realized that he had made a mistake by betraying Toman and following Izana, and that he had lost his true friends and family. He decided to help Takemichi escape from Tenjiku’s headquarters, and told him to go and save Sano from Bonten’s attack.

He also apologized to Takemichi for everything he had done, and thanked him for being his friend. He then stayed behind to face Izana and the other Tenjiku members, knowing that he would not survive. He sacrificed himself for Takemichi’s sake, and died with a smile on his face.

Why is He an Important Character?

Kinji Hakari is an important character in Tokyo Revengers because he represents one of the main themes of the story: the power of friendship and redemption. He shows how a person can change for better or worse depending on the choices they make and the people they follow. He also shows how a person can redeem themselves by admitting their mistakes and making amends.

He is also a foil to Takemichi, as they both have similar backgrounds and personalities, but different paths and outcomes. They both joined Toman as delinquents who wanted to belong somewhere and have fun.

They both became friends with Sano and other Toman members, and respected them as their leaders. They both traveled back in time from 2017 to 2005, but for different reasons.

However, while Takemichi chose to stay loyal to Toman and protect his friends from harm, Mucho chose to betray Toman and harm his friends for Izana’s sake.

While Takemichi grew stronger and braver as he faced various challenges and enemies, Mucho grew colder and bitter as he followed Izana’s orders and schemes. While Takemichi succeeded in changing the future for the better, Mucho failed to change the past for the worse.

Mucho’s character arc is a tragic one, but also a hopeful one. He shows that even the most loyal and faithful person can be corrupted by evil influences, but also that even the most corrupted and evil person can be redeemed by good influences.

He shows that friendship is a powerful force that can either make or break a person, but also that friendship is a precious gift that can never be forgotten or replaced.

He is a character who made bad decisions, but also learned from them. He is a character who hurt others, but also helped them. He is a character who died as an enemy, but also lived as a friend.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Kinji Hakari in the anime Tokyo Revengers. If you want to know more about this series or other anime topics, you can use my search tool or ask me anything you want. Thank you for reading!

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