Yasuhiro Muto

Character Profile For Yasuhiro Muto From Tokyo Revengers

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Yasuhiro Muto (武む藤とう 泰宏やすひろ, Mutō Yasuhiro?), or Mucho (ムーチョ Mucho?), was the former Fifth Division Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He was also a Tenjiku founding member and executive.

Personal Information

  • Japanese: 武藤 泰宏
  • Rōmaji: Mutō Yasuhiro
  • Alias:
    • “Mucho”
    • “The Ghost of S-62
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: April 28, 1987
  • Age:
    • 30 (2017)
    • 18 (2005)
  • Height: 187cm (6’2″)
  • Weight: 85kg
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Eye Color:
    • Turquoise (manga)
    • Brown (anime)

Appearance Yasuhiro Muto

Mucho was a young man of above average height and muscular build. He had firm turquoise eyes, bushy eyebrows, and blond hair fashioned in a clean undercut.

Mucho was most often seen wearing the traditional Tokyo Manji Gang uniform, but started wearing Tenjiku’s once he joined the gang.

In the Valhalla timeline, he wore a burgundy suit with a yellow and black striped necktie and donned a gelled left side part. His hair was dyed black. In the anime, Mucho has brown eyes instead of turquoise.

Personality Yasuhiro Muto

Mucho was a calm and collected man, an extremely unusual trait among delinquents like him. He would retain this stoic exterior even in battle where he easily knocks people out with brute strength.

Before he left Toman, he appeared to have compassion for his fellow members and claimed that he heavily disliked infighting. He also did not tolerate traitors against the gang in compliance with his role as the Fifth Division Captain and would not hesitate to punish those who betray Manjiro Sano’s orders.

During his time in the S-62 Generation and Tenjiku, he would react the same way and loyally follow his leader Izana Kurokawa even if it meant killing in his behalf.

However, in spite of his frightening and unapproachable demeanor, Mucho was shown to be a good friend in more ways than one, evidenced when he frequently helped Nahoya Kawata in battle and perceived Haruchiyo Sanzu as his younger brother after becoming his Vice Captain and right-hand man.

Mucho only trusted those he truly knew and would devote himself to them as a servant or close confidant.

Skills and Abilities Yasuhiro Muto


As a Tokyo Manji Gang captain, Mucho had power over his division. He was granted the special role to interrogate potential traitors of the gang by Manjiro Sano himself without the express permission of the gang leaders. After becoming an executive in Tenjiku, Mucho had a decent amount of authority over its members.

Fighting Prowess

Mucho was blessed with great physical strength, allowing him to easily lift delinquents over his head or throw them during fights.

Due to his fighting skills, he was recognized as Toman’s strongest division leader and was granted with special duties alongside the rest of his division.

Mucho also had knowledge of judo which complemented his muscular frame and impressive strength. His throws were destructive enough to break the spine of an opponent.

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