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Haruchiyo Akashi (明司アカシ 春ハル千夜チヨ, Akashi Haruchiyo?), also known as Haruchiyo Sanzu (三サン途ズ 春ハル千夜チヨ, Sanzu Haruchiyo?), is the Vice Leader of the Kanto Manji Gang.

Two years before Kanto Manji’s foundation, Haruchiyo was the Fifth Division Vice Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang and later followed Yasuhiro Muto into Tenjiku. In an alternate present timeline, he is Bonten’s Number 2.

  • Japanese: 明司 春千夜
  • Rōmaji: Akashi Haruchiyo
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 28 (2018)/18 (2008)/16 (2006)
  • Birthday: July 3, 1990
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Hair Color: Rosy pink (manga)/Bleach blond (anime)
  • Eye Color: Green, blue, yellow(manga)/Gray (anime)

Appearance Haruchiyo Sanzu

Haruchiyo is of average height with long rosy pink hair in the manga (bleach blond in the anime) and downturned eyes with prominent eyelashes. He wears piercings on his right ear and has permanent scarring on the corners of his lips.

Haruchiyo notably shares the same appearance with his younger sister, Senju Kawaragi. He is usually seen wearing the Kanto Manji Gang uniform.

When he was affiliated with the Tokyo Manji Gang, Haruchiyo wore its standard gang uniform with a black mask to cover his scars. When he was much younger, he kept his short hair swept to one side and gelled back on the other. He never wore a mask until meeting Yasuhiro Muto.

As an adult, Haruchiyo’s pink hair is styled in a mullet that reaches down to his shoulders. He has a Bonten tattoo on his right forearm and four piercings on each ear. He frequently wears formal attire.

Haruchiyo’s eye color changes often. He has gray eyes in the anime but has been seen to have green, blue, and yellow eyes in the manga.

Personality Haruchiyo Sanzu

As a teenager, Haruchiyo has a calm demeanor and rarely talks. He was extremely loyal and much nicer to those he follows and worships. However, it is later revealed that he is also quite manipulative and is exceptionally good at deceiving other people.

In his younger days, before meeting Yasuhiro Muto, he was described as a wild horse who couldn’t keep himself out of trouble. This made it quite difficult for other divisions in the gang to manage him.

As an adult, Haruchiyo seems to be more extroverted, blunt, and loud. He is ruthless and displays psychopathic tendencies.

Haruchiyo’s most notorious trait is his fanatical idolatry towards Manjiro Sano, believing Mikey to be his “king” (akin to the Chess King), and thus deserving of the utmost respect, loyalty and devotion.

He is so inclined towards protecting Mikey or the image of him, that he assaulted a gang by himself when they were badmouthing Toman.

He also approached Mucho when released from detention, purely to kill him for treason for betraying his king, going as far as brutalize him to his bones for his remnants to be left to be found afterwards.

In the present time he takes sadistic delight and notorious euphoria when executing traitors, while voicefully stating he is enacting Mikey’s will.

When encountering Takemichi, Haruchiyo ordered him to be silent for the “king” would speak, and threatened to shoot Takemichi for his casual approach, believing it a disrespect.

Skills and Abilities Haruchiyo Sanzu


The positions held by Haruchiyo have varied depending on different futures and pasts. He is Bonten’s number 2, the former Toman Fifth Division Vice Captain, and the current Vice Leader of the Kanto Manji Gang meaning he has the highest authority in the gang aside from Mikey.


Haruchiyo may appear to be a calm and trustworthy person, but is actually very manipulative. He was able to manipulate Mucho for a very long time and killed him after he betrayed Mikey.

Fighting Prowess

Haruchiyo has been shown to be a capable fighter. He is always seen fighting with a weapon. Haruchiyo was shown to be capable enough to fight both Ran and Rindo Haitani who together are an extremely powerful combination.

He also effortlessly managed to defeat his little sister, Senju Kawaragi who at one point was considered one of the Three Deities, although he did mention it was partially because it was him who raised her. While using a katana he was seen fighting Tenjiku’s former strongest Kakucho, with himself having the advantage in the situation.

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