Character Profile For Sukuna From Jujutsu Kaisen

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Ryomen Sukuna (両りょう面めん宿すく儺な Ryomen Sukuna?), more often called just Sukuna (宿すく儺な Sukuna?), is a mighty cursed spirit known as the undisputed King of Curses (呪のろいの王おう Noroi no Ō?). He serves as one of the primary antagonists of the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

According to a legend, during the golden age of jujutsu over 1,000 years ago, Sukuna was an Imaginary Demon (仮想かそうの鬼神きじん Kasō no Kijin?), though in truth was a human sorcerer, and other sorcerers gave their all to defeat him.

After his death, he became a cursed spirit, and his curse was too strong for his body to be fully destroyed. Henceforth, his remains of 20 indestructible fingers, preserved in grave wax, traversed the ages as cursed objects, ever growing in power.

In the present, Sukuna has been incarnated into Yuji Itadori due to the latter eating one of his cursed fingers, which contain his fragmented power.

  • Kanji: 宿儺
  • Rōmaji: Sukuna
  • Species: Cursed Spirit (Incarnated)-Human (Former)
  • Age: 1000+
  • Gender: Male

Appearance Sukuna

His past appearance is described as a demon with four arms and two faces. Currently, he appears similar to the host he is in, but with spiked hair and with unique markings on his forehead, nose, cheeks, and torso.

He also has a second pair of eyes under his normal eyes, which are usually closed. Sukuna also has two lines on both his wrists, upper arms, circles on both his shoulders with a dot in each, two segmented curve lines on his chest, and two lines on his stomach while possessing Yuji.

Sukuna wears a light colored kimono with a black edge, a black scarf, and black shoes.

Sukuna Personality

Sukuna is selfish, cold hearted, immoral, and exceptionally sadistic. When he was reincarnated shortly after Yuji ingested his finger, he commented, implying the slaughter of women and children and likening them to maggots crawling around.

Due to his immense power, he rarely cares about the consequences of his actions, even if these affect his host, Yuji Itadori. In fact, he frequently taunts and insults Yuji, calling him a brat and even laughing at or enjoying Yuji’s despair on multiple occasions.

Sukuna is aware of his immense power and is quite arrogant about it, brutalizing a finger bearer while being patronizing and proclaiming his superiority over it.

For this reason, he is highly dismissive of his opponents and rarely takes them seriously, even explicitly stating he would kill Satoru Gojo to his face. However, these brutish traits are not to be confused for stupidity.

Sukuna is highly intelligent and manipulative, taking Yuji’s body hostage by tearing out his heart to force him into a Binding Vow.

He has also displayed the ability to acknowledge and praise his opponents, as shown by how before killing Jogo Sukuna acknowledged his strength despite having completely overpowered him and told Jogo that he should be proud.

Abilities and Powers Sukuna

Overall Skill Level: Sukuna is a special grade cursed spirit. As the most powerful cursed spirit in the entire series, Sukuna possesses vast amounts of cursed energy.

Sukuna’s presence was felt throughout Shibuya once he was awakened. His cursed energy is similar to Satoru Gojo in its immensity, but different in its overwhelmingly evil nature.

He soon went on to overwhelm and defeat Jogo, the most powerful cursed spirit in Mahito’s group. Even Gojo acknowledged Sukuna’s strength, stating that fighting him would be tough.

In every single appearance, Sukuna has proved that he is by far the strongest cursed spirit ever. He seriously injured Mahito when angered, defeated Jogo without much trouble, defeated Mahoraga, something no user of the Ten Shadows Technique and even a member of the Gojo Family with the Six Eyes had done.

His strength is so great that Mahito and Jogo were convinced that Sukuna’s revival could ensure their success. Sukuna’s strength is only rivaled by other special grades like Yuta Okkotsu and Satoru Gojo.

Incarnation (受肉じゅにく Juniku?): There is a slim chance that Sukuna will incarnate into whoever eats his fingers, gaining a physical, human body in the process. Upon Yuji consuming the first of his twenty fingers, Sukuna immediately came to possess his body, which he has inhabitated since.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Sukuna is an extremely skilled and powerful close-quarters fighter. He is shown overwhelming Megumi with powerful physical strikes alone.

Sukuna can unite his cursed technique and his hand to hand prowess, making him an extremely difficult opponent to overwhelm in battle.

Immense Strength: In his first appearance Sukuna has shown to possess tremendous physical strength despite being in an incomplete state.

He could easily defeat a very large cursed spirit with just a simple swipe, and during his fight against Gojo he was able to punch the roof of the school so hard it causes the building to rupture and crack.

He easily overpowered the likes of a finger bearer, a special grade curse. When gambling Yuji’s life against Megumi, Sukuna managed to fling the sorcerer through several building floors without effort and he easily overpowered and destroyed Megumi’s shikigami.

He even punched Megumi so hard, the raindrops in that area dispersed. With fifteen of his fingers, Sukuna punched Jogo through buildings and even destroyed the latter’s jaw. His blows had considerable effect on Mahoraga.

Immense Speed: Sukuna has shown to move at incredible speed, such that his opponent didn’t even register Sukuna’s movement at first. He was able to continuously dodge Jogo’s attacks and keep up with Mahoraga in their fight.

With three fingers, he caught a finger bearer off guard and beat him into the ground. Sukuna was even able to appear in the middle of Atsuya Kusakabe and Panda, both capable sorcerers, with the former being a Grade 1 sorcerer.

Immense Reflexes: Sukuna can easily counter any opponent and is fast enough for his opponent to not even realize that their limb has been cut off.

He consistently dodged Mahoraga’s blows and countered during their fight. He was quickly able to put Mahoraga down for good before he had finished regenerating. He was able to dodge Jogo’s Maximum: Meteor.

Immense Durability: Even in Yuji’s body, Sukuna can use cursed energy to bolster his host’s resilience. Sukuna was punched through five buildings and shown to be completely fine.

Great Tactical Intellect: Sukuna is an incredibly intelligent cursed spirit. He has fully grasped the nature of cursed techniques, and cursed and reverse cursed energy as a whole.

Due to that, he is able to quickly deduce the inner workings of cursed techniques after only seeing them once or twice and creating suitable foils to such techniques. He did this against Mahoraga in their fight, and was able to defeat the shikigami after gaining an understanding of it’s technique.

Metamorphosis: Sukuna can create new eyes and mouths on his host, allowing him to see and speak without controlling the body of the host. For example, he made a single eye and fanged mouth on Yuji’s left cheek to belittle and taunt him.

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