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Setsuko Sasaki is a minor character and a cursed spirit in the anime Jujutsu Kaisen, a dark fantasy series that revolves around the battle between sorcerers and curses, the manifestations of negative emotions and malice.

Setsuko is the cursed spirit of the Yasohachi Bridge, a bridge that connects Tokyo and Saitama, and the site of many accidents and suicides. She is also the target and the victim of Mahito, a special grade curse who can manipulate the shape and soul of living beings. In this article, we will explore her background, personality, abilities and role in the anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

All about Setsuko Sasaki

  • Kanji: 佐々木せつこ
  • Rōmaji: Sasaki Setsuko
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue

Setsuko Sasaki’s Background

Setsuko was once a human, who lived in the modern era. She was a young and beautiful woman, who worked as a hostess at a club, where she entertained and seduced men for money.

She was also a greedy and selfish woman, who cared only for herself and her wealth, and who exploited and betrayed others for her own benefit. She was also a lonely and unhappy woman, who lacked love and affection, and who felt empty and dissatisfied with her life.

Setsuko’s life came to an end when she was killed by one of her clients, who was a yakuza boss, and who discovered that she had stolen money from him. He stabbed her multiple times, and then threw her body off the Yasohachi Bridge, where she fell into the river and drowned.

Her death was tragic and violent, and left a strong impression on the bridge, where her negative emotions and malice lingered and accumulated. She then became a cursed spirit, a vengeful and hateful entity that haunted the bridge, and caused harm and misfortune to those who crossed it.

Setsuko Sasaki’s Appearance

Setsuko is a teenager with black colored hair that extend to below her ears and styled in a bob, blue eyes, and wears glasses.

Setsuko’s outfits consist of her school uniform, a beige colored vest over a white long sleeve shirt and a diagonal stripped tie. She also wears a dark blue skirt, with grey socks, and light colored shoes.

Setsuko Sasaki’s Personality

Setsuko is a bitter, angry and malicious cursed spirit, who despises and attacks humans, especially men, who remind her of her killer and her clients.

She is also a fearful and cowardly cursed spirit, who avoids and flees from stronger enemies, such as sorcerers and special grade curses. She is also a lonely and miserable cursed spirit, who longs for and seeks human contact and warmth, but who is rejected and hated by everyone.

She is also a confused and tormented cursed spirit, who does not remember her past or her identity, and who does not understand her purpose or her existence.

Synopsis Setsuko Sasaki

Fearsome Womb Arc

At the Occult Research Club’s room, the club members where playing a game of Kokkuri, until the student council president comes and informs them that their room is being taken due to lack of activity report.

Setsuko tells the clubs theory that the reason for the school’s rugby field got closed is due to being haunted, but the student president debunks it, saying it was due to ticks.

He then informs that Yuji is not even on the club and the club doesn’t have minimum required members. Setsuko and Takeshi then go with Yuji to sort things out with Prof.

Takagi, who changed his club activity. After sorting things out with him,, Yuji told Setsuko and Takeshi, that he liked the club and wanted to stay, to which they blushingly agree.

Later that night, Setsuko and Takeshi sneaked into school and while in the Occult Research Club room, they try to unseal the cursed charm they found. As they succeed, they are surprised it was a human-looking finger, but in that moment they got attacked by curses.

As they ran, they got separated and when they reunited, Takeshi had a curse attached to his head. When Yuji and Megumi reached them, Setsuko and Takeshi were already unconscious and the curse was attempting to eat them, but Yuji saved them.

On the next day, Setsuko was at the hospital watching over the injured Takeshi and blaming herself for what happened. Yuji then insists that he is to blame for finding the charm and that people capable of healing Takeshi will come tomorrow.

Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc

Inside one of the Tokyo barriers, Setsuko is woken in the middle of the night by Kenjaku, who offers her a chance to leave the district.

Disoriented, she goes along with Kenjaku who thanks her for getting along with his son. She fully awakens outside the barrier alongside Takeshi where they contemplate the relationship of a massive black barrier with occult activity.

Setsuko Sasaki’s Abilities

Setsuko is a low-level and weak cursed spirit, who has limited and basic abilities. She has a humanoid appearance, but with pale and rotten skin, long and messy hair, and sharp and bloody teeth.

She also has a pair of horns on her head, and a pair of wings on her back, which allow her to fly and hover. She can also use her hair and nails as weapons, and can extend and sharpen them to pierce and slash her enemies. She can also use her voice and scream to create a sound wave that can stun and disorient her enemies.

Setsuko also has the ability to possess and control humans, especially those who are weak-minded or depressed. She can enter their bodies and minds, and manipulate their actions and emotions.

She can also use their bodies and senses, and experience their feelings and memories. She can also communicate with them, and influence their thoughts and decisions. She can also use their cursed energy, if they have any, and enhance her own power and techniques.

Role in Jujutsu Kaisen

Setsuko plays a minor but important role in the anime Jujutsu Kaisen, both in the past and in the present. She is a minor character and a cursed spirit in the story, as she is the cursed spirit of the Yasohachi Bridge, a bridge that connects Tokyo and Saitama, and the site of many accidents and suicides.

She is also a target and a victim in the story, as she is hunted and captured by Mahito, a special grade curse who can manipulate the shape and soul of living beings. She is also a catalyst and a trigger in the story, as she causes and influences the events and the characters in the plot.

Setsuko is a source of horror and tragedy in the story, as she haunts and harms the people who cross the bridge, and causes them to suffer and die. She is also a source of mystery and intrigue in the story, as she reveals and hides information and secrets, and creates and solves mysteries and puzzles.

She is also a source of growth and development in the story, as she affects and changes the characters and their relationships, and makes them face and overcome their fears and doubts.

Setsuko is a sad and pitiful character, who adds depth and dimension to the story and the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. She is a cursed spirit and a human, a killer and a victim, a monster and a woman.

She is a character who defies and transcends the boundaries and the categories, and who creates and breaks the rules and the norms. She is a character who deserves respect and sympathy, and who will always be remembered and honored. She is Setsuko Sasaki, the Cursed Spirit of the Bridge in Jujutsu Kaisen.

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