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Jiro Awasaka (粟あわ坂さか 二じ良ろう Awasaka Jirō?) is a minor antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a curse user who used to kill and collect money as much as he pleased until Satoru Gojo was born. He was recruited for the Shibuya Incident by Pseudo Geto and Uraume to guard a set of commissioned curtains and kill jujutsu sorcerers.

Kanji: 粟坂 二良
Rōmaji: Awasaka Jirō
Species: Human
Age: 61
Gender: Male

Appearance Jiro Awasaka

Awasaka is a short elderly man with a defined muscular tone to his body despite his old age. He has large round eyes with dark pupils and black hair. Awasaka is mostly bald but he has a tussle of hair on the top that’s a similar shape to the goatee on his chin. He also sports thick eyebrows and a handlebar mustache.

In his youth over twenty years ago, Awasaka had a full head of black hair and a thin beard. He wore casual clothing including a light colored sweater or a hoodie.

Awasaka currently wears a white t-shirt tucked into the tall haramaki sash around his waist where he keeps his knife. He completes his outfit with tight, dark colored, athletic shorts that show off his defined legs and simple shoes that look more like socks.

Jiro Awasaka Personality

Awasaka is an evil, selfish, and vindictive old man who desires to live according to his own twisted code. He spent his youth using jujutsu to curse innocent people, believing he could live free and make money as long as he did what “needed to be done”. Even as an old man, Awasaka enjoyed the thrill of fighting Yuji and Megumi and wanted to snuff out their promising futures with his own hands.

As a hitman of the late twentieth century, Awasaka believed it was his job to kill people and his duty to understand the human body. In order to do so, Awasaka didn’t kill his victims cleanly. He tore them apart and dissected them, ripping the skin from their skulls as they begged for mercy.

Awasaka believed he was free in his youth while jujutsu sorcerers were too busy exorcising cursed spirits. However, this all changed when a child with the Six Eyes was born into the Gojo Family.

His presence stole that all away from Awasaka in his latter years. In order to get his life back, Awasaka agreed to work with Pseudo Geto’s faction to get rid of Satoru Gojo.

The curse user took the chance to get his freedom back because Awasaka believes he’s always in the prime of his life. He desires nothing less than to trample on the weak until the day he dies.

Abilities and Powers Jiro Awasaka

Overall Skill: Awasaka is a tough, close combat type fighter with experience in the art of killing. Most of his work came against victims incapable of fighting back, but even in his old age, Awasaka was effective in battling other sorcerers.

Awasaka’s experience is made clear by his ability to his innate technique and cursed energy manipulation to make himself nigh invulnerable in battle.

It was also shown in his hand to hand combat skills, capable of taking on two much younger jujutsu sorcerers at the same time. He believes the harder his opponent’s fight, the easier it is for him to win.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Awasaka is a very capable close quarters combatant who likes to throw a mix of hand strikes and athletic kicks. He was confident in taking on both Yuji and Megumi at the same time, two very proficient hand to hand fighters.

Awasaka user is good at picking his shots, using a wait and counter fighting style that plays to the strengths of his cursed technique. No one has ever been able to dodge Awasaka’s counter-attack after a desperate full swing at him.

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