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Taiju Shiba (柴しば大寿たいじゅ, Shiba Taijū?) is the former leader of the 10th Generation Black Dragon. He is the older brother of Yuzuha and Hakkai Shiba.

Personal Information

  • Japanese: 柴大寿
  • Rōmaji: Shiba Taijū
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 1989
  • Age:
    • 29 (2018)
    • 17 (2005)
  • Hair Color: Blue and white
  • Eye Color: Yellow

Appearance Taiju Shiba

Taiju is a very tall and muscular man, easily towering over others. He is the second tallest character shown thus far. His hair is blue and white and was kept long and tied up.

He wears a custom Black Dragon uniform, where the uniform jacket is longer and red instead. He keeps his uniform jacket open, showing his chest.

He has tribal tattoos styled in a series of swirls on the left side of his neck down to his chest and cursive tattoos below that. There is a giant cross tattoo on his back.

He sports a crazed grin and exhibits all sorts of unusual expressions one eye opening wider than the other and his forehead vein popping out when fighting or when excited.

Personality Taiju Shiba

Taiju is brutal, abusive and religous. He enjoys tormenting his opponents and has little care for others’ wellbeing, even his own siblings’. He doesn’t care who his opponent is, even if he is facing a women/girl.

He trained the 10th generation Black Dragon gang, completely reforming it to act like an army. Taiju was very abusive towards his siblings, going so far as to beat them over insignificant things.

He is a prideful individual, believing in the supremacy of his fighting abilities and in the strength of his gang. In addition, he is incredibly charismatic, completely capturing the hearts of his followers.

Despite his appearance and abusive personality, Taiju is a very religious Catholic. He goes to church alone to pray on Christmas annually. Taiju actually loves his two siblings very much, but his over-protectiveness became warped into domestic abuse.

Skills and Abilities Taiju Shiba


During the time he was the Black Dragon’s leader, he had absolute control over the powerful gang, directing and ordering them as he pleased. Under Taiju, Black Dragon became incredibly formidable and united, with others observing how it was almost like an army.

Taiju, along with his impressive strength, is also very charismatic. His followers do not merely obey him out of fear, they do so out of respect for him as well.

Fighting Prowess

Taiju is an incredibly powerful fighter. His blows are destructive and his endurance is extraordinary. Taiju easily defeated elites of Toman, who were very competent fighters in their own right.

He was the only person in the series to knock out Manjiro Sano with a single punch, even if Mikey took that blow on purpose. He shrugged off a knife stab wound and went on to face several opponents.

In addition, he also woke up quickly after being hit at full force by Mikey’s signature kick. Because he was unrivaled due to his overwhelming raw strength, however, Taiju evidently never took the time to hone fighting techniques, so he fights in a rough and violent way, having been able to use brute force to get his way all his life.

Taiju’s strength is one of the greatest in the series. His punch has knocked foes unconscious or several feet back. He has lifted a pew with one arm and thrown it with ease.

In fact, Takemichi Hanagaki remarked that he has never been hit by a punch even close to as strong as Taiju’s. This, along with his overconfidence in his strength, were the major reasons for his loss to Mikey.


Not only is Taiju intelligent enough to utilize his assets, such as having Hajime Kokonoi raise funding for his gang, but he himself is financially competent.

Etymology Taiju Shiba

The name Taiju means “big, great” (大) (tai) and “longevity, congratulations, one’s natural life” (寿) (ju).
Taiju’s surname Shiba means “brush, firewood” (柴).

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