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When it comes to the sprawling world of anime, few series have captured the hearts of fans quite like “Naruto Shippuden.” This beloved anime, set in a world of ninjas and jutsu, has given us a host of memorable characters, and one of the most intriguing and dynamic figures to emerge is none other than Sarada Uchiha. In this article, we’ll dive deep into Sarada’s character, her journey, and her impact on the Naruto Shippuden storyline.

All about Sarada

  • Birthdate: March 31
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Gaiden: 11/Boruto Movie: 12
  • Height: Blank Period: 125 cm/Boruto Movie: 147 cm
  • Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan/Mangekyō Sharingan
  • Classification: Medical-nin
  • Affiliation: Konohagakure
  • Team: Team 7
  • Clan: Uchiha Clan

Uchiha Sarada’s Background

Sarada is the only child of Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha. She was born while Sakura was accompanying Sasuke on his travels, and was delivered with the help of Karin in one of Orochimaru’s hideouts as such, there is no record of her birth at the Konoha Hospital.

As a way to keep a connection with Sasuke, despite being happy for him, Karin kept the umbilical cord between Sakura and Sarada. After that, Sarada’s family returned to Konoha to raise her, where the two helped her learn to walk.

During her father’s absence from the village while gathering information on Kaguya Otsutsuki, she became ill with a high fever and afterwards began wearing glasses, which unknown to her were a gift from Karin. Due to the importance of the mission, her father wasn’t around much, and it is because of this that she did not know anything about him, including what he physically looked like as an adult.

Sakura did her best to comfort Sarada during Sasuke’s absence, assuring her that her father loved both of them and that, when he completed his important mission, he’d come home. When this conversation went on for too long, Sakura poked Sarada’s forehead and promised to continue it some other time.

As Sarada’s parents continued to stay close to their own childhood friends, she ultimately got to know the kids of her parents’ respective friends very well, especially growing close to Boruto Uzumaki and becoming like siblings.

On the day of Naruto Uzumaki’s inauguration as the Seventh Hokage, Sarada watched the ceremony beside her mother and Chōchō Akimichi, and silently wondered why it was taking so long for the Hokage to appear.

Uchiha Sarada’s Personality

Sarada Uchiha, a prominent character in “Naruto Shippuden,” possesses a multifaceted personality that adds depth and intrigue to the series. Her character is a blend of various traits, making her a unique and relatable figure for fans. Let’s delve into the layers of Sarada’s personality.

Determination and Ambition: At the core of Sarada’s character is an unwavering determination and ambition. From a young age, she aspires to become the Hokage, the leader of her village, mirroring her father Sasuke’s goal.

This ambition drives her to train tirelessly and strive for excellence in all her endeavors. Sarada’s resolute nature sets her apart as a character who refuses to settle for mediocrity.

Intellectual Brilliance: Sarada is not just a powerful ninja in terms of physical abilities; she also possesses a sharp intellect. Her keen analytical skills and problem solving abilities make her a valuable asset to her team.

This intellectual prowess is further enhanced by her Sharingan, which allows her to perceive and anticipate her opponents’ moves with exceptional clarity.

Sense of Responsibility: Growing up as the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, Sarada carries a strong sense of responsibility on her shoulders.

She feels the weight of her family’s legacy and is determined to live up to the high standards set by her parents. This sense of responsibility drives her to protect her loved ones and her village with unwavering dedication.

Empathy and Compassion: Beneath her determined exterior, Sarada possesses a caring and compassionate side. She values her friendships deeply and is always there to support her teammates, particularly Boruto and Mitsuki. Her ability to empathize with others and offer a listening ear showcases her emotional depth.

Inquisitive Nature: Sarada’s inquisitiveness and curiosity are notable aspects of her personality. She’s not content with accepting things at face value and often seeks answers to deeper questions.

This curiosity drives her quest to understand her family’s history and her father’s past, leading to significant character development moments in the series.

Duality and Complexity: One of the most compelling aspects of Sarada’s personality is the duality and complexity that come from her Uchiha lineage.

She grapples with the legacy of her clan, which includes both incredible power and a history of tragedy. This internal conflict adds layers to her character as she seeks to reconcile her heritage with her aspirations.

Emotional Growth: Throughout “Naruto Shippuden,” Sarada undergoes substantial emotional growth. She learns to navigate the complexities of her relationships, particularly with her father Sasuke, and comes to understand that strength isn’t just about physical abilities but also emotional resilience and maturity.

Sarada Uchiha’s personality in “Naruto Shippuden” is a rich tapestry of traits that make her a multifaceted and relatable character. Her unwavering determination, intellectual brilliance, sense of responsibility, empathy, and curiosity create a character who resonates with fans on multiple levels.

As she continues to evolve throughout the series, Sarada’s personality becomes an integral part of the overall narrative, adding depth and complexity to the world of ninjas and jutsu in the Narutoverse.

Uchiha Sarada’s Appearance

According to Naruto, whereas Sarada’s personality takes more after Sakura, her appearance takes after Sasuke: she has inherited the colour of his eyes and hair, which she keeps shoulder length and parted to the right; Sarada is stated to have inherited most of her facial traits from her father. She also wears a pair of red framed glasses.

Early in her Academy career, Sarada wears a vermilion jacket, under which there is a cream coloured vest, under which she has a high-collared white shirt with a red tie. She also wears a red skirt and black open-toed boots.

As she nears graduation, she begins wearing a red sleeveless qipao shirt similar to what Sakura wore in Part II – with the Uchiha crest on the back. She also wears a pair of lilac coloured shorts, dark purple thigh length stockings, black shinobi sandals, and long dark purple arm warmers. Once she receives a forehead protector, she wears it around her forehead with her bangs hanging over.

In the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, Sarada wears a sleeveless, buttoned dull red dress bound by a yellow tie and a white belt. She wears white bandages underneath.

She also wears a black fingerless glove on her right hand, similar to her father’s, a black arm warmer on her left arm, and a pair of black ankle length, open toed high heeled sandals with wooden soles.

Three years after Boruto left Konoha, Sarada’s hair was trimmed and swiped to the left with wavy bangs and pale pink lipstick. She wears earring shaped like the Uchiha symbol, a dark choker with a circular pendant, and frameless glasses.

She also wears a black tube top shirt with red lining on the top, black shorts, a red belt, black, high heel sandals with black socks that reach her calves with red lining on the top, and a black jacket that she leaves open with red on the inside and her forehead protector stitched on the right of its front.

Uchiha Sarada’s Abilities

Inheriting her father’s prodigious talent, and her mother’s intelligence, Sarada is very advanced for her age, well regarded as an elite genin who excels in everything, stronger than her father was at her age. She is deemed as a future contender to become Hokage.

In the Academy, she was evaluated at third in her class, and soon noted able to easily pass the Genin Exams. She is judged to have chūnin level leadership and battle analysis skills by Konoha higher-ups, even unanimously approved as a team leader with other chūnin present.

Her combat skills are also considerably high, able to defeat older, more experienced opponents. For reasons yet to be explained, she is unaffected by Ada’s Omnipotence. She is also noted to be a skilled cook.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

As an Uchiha, Sarada has powerful chakra. She also has adept control over it, inherited from her mother. Even before graduating from the Academy, she could focus her chakra to augment her raw strength, letting her lift and hurl massive structures with ease or release the collected chakra in her strikes on contact with a target for devastating effect, such as cratering the ground While originally having low chakra reserves as she nearly passed out from over usage of the Sharingan shortly after acquiring it, she later could maintain her Sharingan for an extended amount of time.

In the anime, despite an innate talent for chakra control, it was still underdeveloped, wasting too much chakra and making the end results much weaker. As such, Sakura trained Sarada to refine her control.

Eventually, her chakra enhanced punch became strong enough to slightly crack Deepa’s carbon defense. She is also shown to be very adept in taijutsu, able to manoeuvre with great efficiency and strike from various angles.


Sarada is very knowledgeable in ninjutsu, and has been taught many of her parents’ respective techniques. Like many Uchiha, Sarada has an affinity for ninja tools and her speciality is shurikenjutsu, gaining the highest marks in class.

She is able to throw her weapons quickly and with precision, even deflect a projectile with one of her own launched kunai. She has similar aim while devoid of sight, able to perfectly hit the target mat six times in a row.

While originally struggling with the skill, she gained proficiency in Medical Ninjutsu, able to focus her chakra to restart a person’s cardiovascular system.

In the anime, she is proficient in Cooperation Ninjutsu and Fūinjutsu, able to use both to restrict a person’s movements and increase the might by synchronising with fellow users.

Nature Transformation

Despite Sarada’s age, she is quite the talent for nature transformation, able of use Wind, Fire, Lightning and Yin Release. From her father, she learned the Uchiha’s coming of age Great Fireball Technique, and Chidori.

Using Lightning, Sarada can infuse into Fūma Shuriken to stun or knock back an opponent. In the anime, after copying many of Buntan’s lightning-based techniques, Sarada could create orbs, streams, and even a protective armour out of lightning.

She also later copied the Wind Release: Gale Palm from Mitsuki, which she can use in collaboration with her team-mates to launch her allies for a quick assault.



In the anime, it was stated that Sarada had awakened her Sharingan at an early age due to Sasuke’s absence which affected her deeply. Sarada reawakened her single-tomoe Sharingan in each eye at age 11, out of excitement to see her father again after many years.

While having just reawakened it, she quickly adjusted to its heightened visual perception, being able to efficiently react to and avoid threats more easily and see Chakra Threads.

Using it, she can perform genjutsu proficiently, as well as dispel it. Upon witnessing a technique being performed, Sarada can copy the technique’s hand seals to perform it simultaneously with the original user. In the anime, she awakened the second tomoe in both Sharingan during her second battle against Deepa.

By the time Jigen invaded Konohagakure, Sarada is shown to have awakened a third tomoe in both Sharingan in the manga, which when concentrated acts like a microscope, allowing Sarada to clearly identify things as small as viruses.

Mangekyō Sharingan

At age 12, Sarada awakened her Mangekyō Sharingan as a result of her deep anguish and worry for Boruto’s safety after Ada swapped everyone’s memories of him with their memories of Kawaki, who told everyone that Naruto had been killed by Boruto.

Its design is a circle with eight triangles in a sunburst pattern. Sarada’s awakening was extremely rare, if not unique in circumstances as it was out of fear of losing a loved one, rather than the anguish of actually losing them.

In the rich tapestry of “Naruto Shippuden,” Sarada Uchiha stands out as a character who embodies the core values of the series: determination, friendship, and the enduring legacy of the past.

Her journey from a young and ambitious ninja to a formidable force in the ninja world captivates fans, making her a beloved addition to the Naruto franchise. Whether you’re a long time fan or new to the series, Sarada’s story is one that continues to inspire and resonate with audiences worldwide.

So there you have it an exploration of Sarada Uchiha’s role in the anime “Naruto Shippuden.” From her heritage to her personal journey and her impact on the story, Sarada’s character adds depth and complexity to this beloved series. As “Naruto Shippuden” continues to be celebrated by fans, it’s clear that Sarada Uchiha has secured her place as one of its most memorable characters.

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