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Choza Akimichi (秋道チョウザ, Akimichi Chōza) is a jōnin of Konohagakure and former teammate of Shikaku Nara and Inoichi Yamanaka. Together they were the previous Ino–Shika–Chō trio. He is also the fifteenth head of the Akimichi clan (秋道15代目当主, Akimichi Jūgodaime Tōshu).

All About Choza Akimichi

  • Birthdate: April 22
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Part I: 38 – Part II: 42
  • Height: Part I: 183 cm
  • Weight: Part I: 120.1 kg
  • Blood type: B
  • Occupation: Head of the Akimichi Clan
  • Affiliation: Konohagakure – Allied Shinobi Forces
  • Team: Ino – Shika – Chō/First Division/Team Chōza
  • Clan: Akimichi Clan

Choza Akimichi’s Background

When he became a genin, Chōza was partnered with Shikaku Nara and Inoichi Yamanaka. In the anime during the Third Shinobi World War, Choza became responsible for his own genin team, consisting of Ebisu, Genma Shiranui and Might Guy.

Nearing the end of the war, his team was assigned to deliver a request for a peace treaty between Konoha and Iwagakure. Anticipating the Iwa shinobi to turn hostile, the meeting was strategically held at the borderline of the Land of Wind, knowing that the Fourth Kazekage would oversee the meeting should a battle break out nearing Suna territory.

A few years later, Choza learned that Choji was treated as an outcast because of his weight and that he was being told by other children that the Akimichi were useless ninja. Chōza told him that one day, he would have true friends that would realise that wasn’t the true Chōji.

Chōza is the head of the Akimichi clan, and was part of an “Ino – Shika – Chō Trio” alongside Shikaku Nara and Inoichi Yamanaka, his name being the Chō part of the group name.

At some point in time before Chōji became a genin, he took him to the Yamanaka, Nara, and Akimichi Clan Memorial where he told him about the three clan’s special bond and his future as the next head of the Akimichi.

Choza Akimichi’s Personality

He is a gentle and caring man with seemingly great wisdom and understanding of the world, and has deep love for his son, Chōji. He is not, however, above reprimanding his son for his actions, especially when they put others in danger.

This was seen during the Fourth Shinobi World War when he told Chōji to take what was happening around him seriously, and as the future head of the Akimichi, he should not act so cowardly. Like the rest of his clan, he has a large appetite, and is prone to eating everything a menu’s page.

Choza Akimichi’s Appearance

Chōza is a tall, plump man with naturally brown hair, but seems to wear a long, spiky red hair piece. He has purple markings on his cheeks a common trait in the Akimichi clan. He wears a samurai like outfit which entails a black suit completed with armour that has the kanji for “food” (食, shoku) on it.

He also wears a rope belt, hand-guards, and instead of a forehead protector a hachimaki tied around his head. At some point in time, he also wore a pair of silver, hooped earrings before passing them down to his son. After they were returned to him when Chōji became a chūnin and swore his oath, he has not been seen wearing them.

When he uses the Multi-Size Technique two markings appear under his eyes; these markings disappear when he reverts to his normal size.

Choza Akimichi’s Abilities

Like his son and the rest of his clan, Chōza uses the special technique that allows him to change calories into chakra. As the leader of his clan, it is highly logical that he is very skilled in all of his clan’s secret techniques.

He was able to provide assistance to Kakashi Hatake against the Deva Path, as well as put the Asura Path out of commission for most of the battle with a single hit after it was paralysed by Kakashi’s Lightning Release: Shadow Clone Technique.

Like most members of his clan, he also wields a bō in battle that has the ability to lengthen in proportion to him when he grows in size, with great proficiency. In the anime, he could use the bo to create a massive whirlwind that is strong enough to not only send dozens of enemies flying, but also Chōza himself while he uses his Multi Size Technique. While hovering, his shadow covers almost the entire battlefield, which supports the techniques of his comrade Shikaku Nara.

Physical Prowess

Chōza has an incredible amount of physical strength, displayed when he was able to stop Kinkaku’s massive tail, as well as stop the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path with his bō, creating an opening for his son to attack it. Chōza is also very durable and resistant to pain, using his body to shield his comrades from Asuma’s explosive attack.

Akimichi Clan Techniques

As the head of his clan, he is probably well versed in most, if not all, of his clan’s techniques. He has demonstrated skill with the Multi Size Technique able to stay in this form for an extended period of time without any noticeable strain on him or his chakra reserves and the Human Bullet Tank which he used alongside his son during their battle with Pain.

He has also used the Partial Multi Size Technique to crush the Asura Path. All of these revolve around the clan’s special ability to increase the size of their various body parts.

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