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Choji Akimichi (秋道チョウジ, Akimichi Choji) is a member of Konohagakure’s Akimichi Clan. Though sensitive about his weight, Choji is nevertheless dedicated to his friends, especially in Team Asuma.

  • Birthdate: May 1
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Part I: 12–13 – Part II: 16–17
  • Height: Part I: 150.6 cm–156.3 cm – Part II: 172.3 cm – Blank Period: 178 cm
  • Weight: Part I: 62 kg–69.3 kg – Part II: 87.5 kg
  • Blood type: B
  • Affiliation: Konohagakure – Allied Shinobi Forces
  • Team: Team 10 – Sasuke Recovery Team – Konoha 11 – Peddlers Escort Team – Twenty Platoons –
  • Fourth Division
  • Clan: Akimichi Clan

Background Choji Akimichi

Choji was born into the Akimichi clan, and is slated to become the Sixteenth Head of the Akimichi (秋道16代目当主, Akimichi Jūrokudaime Tōshu) after his father, Chōza.

When Choji was younger, he was often put down for not being good at a child’s game called “Ninja”, which appears to be a cross between tag and hide and seek, often employing the use of shuriken made out of cardboard and sticks.

His peers would always berate him, telling him that any team that he was on was bound to lose. One day, they simply refused to let him play at all.

However, Shikamaru Nara stuck up for him, saying that the teams would be uneven if Choji didn’t join them. This gave Choji a little hope, although, in the end, they still refused to let him play.

Choji and his father were later seen talking on the roof of a building while Choji was still upset over the way he was treated by the other children, saying the Akimichi were all fat and stupid.

Comforting him, his father told him that few people have a heart as kind and caring as his, and one day he would meet someone who would see that in him and respect him for it, and that eventually they would be the best of friends.

His father proved to be correct as soon after, Shikamaru arrived. Choji recognised him as the one who had defended him earlier, and asked Shikamaru why he wasn’t playing the game, to which Shikamaru responded that it was too troublesome.

He then told Choji that he liked to come up there to watch the clouds and that Choji happened to be sitting in his spot. Choji moved over to give him space. Shikamaru proceeded to lie down before telling Choji that he should watch the clouds with him.

This delighted Choji, and he eagerly asked Shikamaru if he wanted to eat some snacks that he had brought. Shikamaru took him up on the offer, causing Choji to be overjoyed, and then Shikamaru said “This is the best, watching clouds and eating chips”. From that day on, the two became best friends.

During Choji’s time at the Academy, he was often caught eating in class otherwise getting into trouble along with fellow deviants Shikamaru, Kiba Inuzuka, and Naruto Uzumaki. Together, these four would cut class or otherwise be testing the patience of Iruka Umino, their Academy teacher.

During the Search for Tsunade, when Naruto was struggling to learn the second step of training for the Rasengan, he recalled how once, during his days in the Academy, he, along with Shikamaru, Kiba, and Naruto were held back in class, and lectured about their all around lack in concentration in Choji’s case, he was thinking more about food than about doing his school work.

During the arc involving the trap master Gennō from the long-gone Kagerō Village, it was mentioned how Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba, and Naruto would skip class together and hang out at the kunai practice course, which was situated under the Academy, to hide from Iruka.

Personality Choji Akimichi

Choji is a very kind, polite, and caring person. These characteristics are said to be his greatest strength by both his father Chōza and his former teacher Asuma Sarutobi while his greatest weakness was his lack of self-confidence.

He is easily motivated by the prospect of food, and becomes highly agitated when somebody calls him “fat” (he refers to himself as “big-boned”, “chubby”) Asuma would say that he is just “pleasantly plump”.

However, he does not hide his love for food and his near constant hunger is also an annoyance to his teammates, as eating often comes before other necessities such as stealth and teamwork.

Food can also make him over react about silly things, such as who gets the last chip, or when Akamaru tried to take his chips, and he refuses to let anyone else eat the last chip in the bag, even in battle situation.

Choji also tends to eat a lot when he’s angry. Since Part II of the series, however, his eating habits are more controlled and no longer interfere with his duties as a shinobi.

Choji has a long-standing friendship with Shikamaru. The two have complete trust in each other, with Shikamaru being one of the few people to look past Choji’s lack of athleticism, and see that he had a kind heart; recognising Choji’s true strength.

Because of this, Choji has unwavering faith and loyalty to Shikamaru and, if necessary, would give his life for him, which nearly happened during his battle with Jirōbō. Choji also cares deeply for his mentor, Asuma, and had a difficult time in fighting him during the Fourth Shinobi World War, due to not wanting to hurt his own teacher, even when Asuma called Choji “fat” in an attempt to anger him.

As stated by his father and teacher, Choji greatly lacked confidence in himself and his abilities which often times hindered his actions or even progression in some aspects.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, however, Choji was able to overcome these issues and become one of the major contributing factors in the Allied Shinobi Forces turning the tide of the battle in their favour.

As an adult, Choji is shown to be very laid back and jovial. He is also shown to be a loving husband towards Karui, and an extremely doting father towards his eccentric daughter Chōchō.

However, he maintains a competitive side, with Chōchō frequently challenging him to eating contests. During her Chūnin exam, Choji is shown to gleefully cheer her on while also expressing concern for her well-being when she faces the skilled genin Shinki.

Appearance Choji Akimichi

Like other Akimichi, Choji has a rotund build and markings on his cheeks in the form of swirls. He has spiky, light brown hair that sticks upward in Part I and grows to waist-length in Part II.

In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Choji cuts his hair short and sports a goatee, both of which grow further when he becomes an adult, with his hair slicked back and braided.

During Part I, Choji donned a green, short sleeved haori with a long, white scarf over a light-green shirt (white in the anime), with the kanji for “food” (食, shoku) on it. He also wore black shorts, hoop earrings, and bandages around his legs and forearms.

His blue forehead protector was styled in a manner that allowed two tufts of hair to poke out at each side. In Part II, Choji sports a red suit with plated armour on his torso, arms, and upper legs, having the same kanji for “food” (食, shoku) on the front.

He switches to a standard red forehead protector and replaces his hoop earrings with studs, a gift from Asuma Sarutobi. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he wears the standard Konoha flak jacket over his outfit.

In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Choji’s overall appearance slims down somewhat, being more plump as he considers himself. His outfit is mostly the same, but he wears larger wrist guards and his boots reach his calves.

Years later, Choji’s attire consists of elements from Parts I and II: a green haori over chest plate armour, brown pants with a red belt, bandages around his arms, and black sandals. He seems to have stopped wearing a forehead protector.

Abilities Choji Akimichi

Choji’s low self confidence belied his great strength; he became agitated to fight an opponent mainly if they insulted him or his friends. It was during these instances that he proved to very strong, enough to defeat the Sound Four member, Jirōbō.

His father Chōza, Shikamaru, and Asuma Sarutobi all believe that Choji’s greatest strength is his kindness and concern for his friends, which the latter states could someday make him stronger than anyone.

Choji helps fight members of Akatsuki such as Kakuzu and Pain, though his self confidence reaches its peak during the Fourth Shinobi World War: Chōza states Choji is now worthy of being the Akimichi clan’s sixteenth head, every ally and foe on the battlefield become astonished at his display of strength, and he defeats the reincarnated Kakuzu and Hizashi Hyūga.


Akimichi Clan Techniques

As an Akimichi, Choji converts the calories he consumes into chakra, hence his husky physique and frequent eating habits. He uses the chakra he stores to perform the body-expanding Multi Size Technique, allowing him to use the Human Bullet Tank to run down his opponents.

He can increase the damage by wrapping spikes around his body, using either kunai or, in Part II, his long hair after he sharpens it. Choji can expand other parts of his body to enhance his physical strikes, grab and crush targets, or make himself gigantic to smash them from above.

The Three Coloured Pills, when eaten, convert Choji’s own body fat into chakra, increasing his physical attributes and facilitating the use of his clan’s more advanced techniques.

After consuming the red pill, the large amount of chakra manifests into two massive butterfly wings on Choji’s back, making his power a hundredfold.

Taking each pill damages Choji’s body, with the red pill not only emaciating the user’s body, but also causing eventual death. Therefore, the pills are considered a last resort to use. However, Choji survived thanks to the Nara clan’s medical book and Tsunade’s medical expertise.

He overcomes these issues by Part II, using his own chakra to perform his clan’s techniques without consuming the pills. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he becomes able to form the butterfly wings on his own, bypassing the pills’ dangerous side effects.

Nature Transformation

Choji’s nature transformations include Fire and Earth Release, though he almost exclusively uses the Yang Release for his body expanding techniques. With Earth Release, he could erect a rock wall to protect against attacks.

Physical Prowess

Naturally, Choji has massive physical strength that he can combine with his clan’s techniques to inflict powerful strikes on his opponent. When he manifests chakra butterfly wings, he can compress the chakra into his fist to use the Butterfly Bullet Bombing, powerful enough to kill a Cursed Seal Level 2 enhanced Jirōbō in one strike.

His strength is necessary for important tasks, being selected as a member of the Sasuke Recovery Team and helping to restrain the Deva Path during Pain’s Assault.

Aside from strength, Choji has great durability and speed, enough to survive being hit by the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path’s chakra blasts and save Shikamaru from being stomped by the statue. In the anime, by adulthood, he is recognised as the physically strongest man in Konoha.

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