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In the colorful universe of Dragon Ball, one character stands out as an epitome of pride, determination, and relentless pursuit of power – Vegeta. With his indomitable spirit and complex character, Vegeta has won the hearts of fans worldwide. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Vegeta, exploring his origins, his evolution, and what makes him an iconic figure in the Dragon Ball series.

All about Vegeta

  • Race: Saiyan/Tuffle-Saiyan
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 164 cm (5’4″)
  • Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
  • Birth Date: Age 732
  • Death Date(s): December 24, Age 762/May 7, Age 774/June, Age 779
  • Occupation: Prince of Planet Vegeta/High-class Warrior/Galactic Patrolman
  • Allegiance: Frieza Force (Saiyan Army) /Dragon Team/Organization of Babidi
  • Address: Vegeta’s Palace

Vegeta’s Appearance

Vegeta is a fictional character from the popular Japanese anime and manga series “Dragon Ball,” created by Akira Toriyama. His appearance has remained relatively consistent throughout the series, with some minor variations in attire over the years. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here is a description of Vegeta’s typical appearance:

  1. Hairstyle: Vegeta has black hair with a distinctive widow’s peak. His hair is usually styled in a spiky fashion.
  2. Eyes: He has sharp, narrow, and often intense blue eyes that reflect his serious and determined personality.
  3. Facial Features: Vegeta has a well-defined, chiseled face with a prominent widow’s peak and strong jawline.
  4. Height: He is of average height, similar to other characters in the series.
  5. Physique: Vegeta has a well-built and muscular physique, befitting of a Saiyan warrior. His muscles are not overly exaggerated, but he is clearly in peak physical condition.
  6. Attire: Vegeta is often seen wearing Saiyan battle armor, which consists of a skin-tight bodysuit, white gloves, and white boots. His armor is usually blue and white, reflecting his Saiyan heritage. He also wears a white belt with a blue sash. In some arcs of the series, he may change his attire, but his Saiyan armor is his most iconic look.
  7. Scouter: In earlier episodes of “Dragon Ball Z,” Vegeta frequently wears a scouter, a device that allows him to measure power levels. However, he eventually stops using it as he becomes more powerful and no longer needs it to gauge his opponents’ strength.
  8. Battle Scars: Over the course of the series, Vegeta accumulates various battle scars on his face and body, symbolizing his numerous battles and his determination to become stronger.

It’s important to note that “Dragon Ball” is a long running series, and Vegeta’s appearance may have evolved or changed in later episodes or manga chapters beyond my last knowledge update in September 2021. If you’re interested in his current appearance, I recommend checking the most recent episodes or chapters of the series.

Vegeta’s Personality

Vegeta is arrogant throughout the series and becomes bitter due to the abuse his race suffered at the hands of Frieza, as well as his injured pride due to repeatedly falling short compared to another Saiyan.

Following the destruction of his homeworld Planet Vegeta, his hatred toward Frieza grows. His royalty seems to have bestowed upon him an inflated sense of superiority, holding himself above nearly everyone he encounters.

He is immensely proud of his Saiyan heritage and believes his race to be the most powerful in the universe. Despite this, even as an antagonist, he did not act as an ordinary Saiyan, being even crueler and prideful thanks to Frieza’s influence.

As the prince of a demolished Planet Vegeta, Vegeta is initially introduced as an unrepentant villain. Judging from his evil intentions before joining the Z Fighters, Vegeta has been consistently characterized as extremely arrogant, vengeful, and at times, sadistic.

Many of Vegeta’s early heroic acts are because of self interest or revenge, although he later settles down and mellows out, adjusting to Earth as his home, raising a family with Bulma.

Having been born into the upper tier of Saiyan society, Vegeta was fixated on achieving the legendary status of Super Saiyan and becoming the most powerful warrior in the universe.

Vegeta is more of a tactical fighter who often rushes in the brawl without hesitation. However, his rage or arrogance often causes him to underestimate his opponent and usually leads to his eventual defeat and sometimes death. His royal blood and intense fighting style have both benefited and harmed him in many battles.

Vegeta has also been shown to be one of the more intelligent characters of the series, as well as one of the most serious, rarely exhibiting humor. When he does so, his humor is often very dry and far darker than his fellow Z Fighters.

However, he does delight in mocking his enemies, as demonstrated when he offers to reconstruct Android 18 into a “toaster” or a “washing machine” (Funimation dub only). He also shows his bleak sense of humor towards Goku when he was about to battle him in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Aside from his bleaker sense of humor, he has also at times engaged in more sarcastic humor when gloating. A notable example of this was when fighting Semi-Perfect Cell.

When Cell demanded to know how Vegeta was as strong as he was, Vegeta flippantly stated that he got that strong by “doing lots of push-ups and sit-ups, and [drinking] plenty of juice”, as well as calling Kid Buu a “gifted speaker” when the latter barely responded at all just before the latter destroyed the Earth. Normally, his massive ego and arrogance overshadow his positive qualities.

Despite his personality flaws, Vegeta is capable of respecting individuals, although he never outright states it often showing his respect nonverbally.

By the Majin Buu Saga, it is heavily implied that he and Piccolo were on civil terms and seemed to have mutual respect for one another. He also expressed some grief over Gohan’s fate at the hands of Buu himself. Outside of these two instances, his relationship with the rest of the Dragon Team seemed cool at best.

Initially, Vegeta was extremely aggressive and cold-blooded. Since his childhood, Vegeta had proven himself to be a ruthless killer, merciless like most Saiyans.

During the Namek Saga, however, he began to exhibit changes rather than killing Krillin or Gohan as he promised in the previous saga, he instead forges an alliance with them. Throughout the first half of the Frieza Saga, whomever he defeated, he killed without mercy.

His first sign of mercy was sparing Krillin and Bulma’s lives in exchange for the Namekian Dragon Ball they were carrying when he could have easily killed them and taken it.

Another sign of mercy came when he encounters Gohan a short time later and knees him in the stomach instead of killing him, and again when he let Namekian Frog Captain Ginyu live, taking delight at the notion of Ginyu’s being stuck in the frog’s body as punishment enough and not wanting to get frog guts all over his boots.

After his defeat at the hands of Frieza, Vegeta tearfully explains to Goku that Frieza forced him to be ruthless and that he never had the chance to be anything else (implying that he could have been kinder and more merciful were it not for Frieza).

He used to have bigotry towards other races, considered physical and emotional attachments to be meaningless, and admittedly was repulsed by children, especially those with mixed heritage.

However, all these changes when he falls in love with Bulma and she bears him two half Saiyan children. After settling on Earth, Vegeta softened up and began to exhibit compassion for his family.

As a result of his love for Bulma and the birth of his children, Vegeta started to feel content settling down with a loving family while being a competitive warrior.

However, Vegeta secretly felt ashamed for sacrificing his goal of becoming the strongest warrior in the universe for the sake of his family and came to believe it was his attachment to them and the planet that rendered him weak compared to Goku, though he kept those thoughts hidden for a time.

On a similar note, largely because of his more cold-blooded and aggression, he initially had very little interest in avenging his race even after being made aware of rumors of Frieza having blown up their planet, even going as far as to say they deserved it due to being too weak, which notably shocked Nappa and Raditz when he admitted it.

Even after receiving confirmation via Dodoria about Frieza’s involvement in the genocide, his main motivation in avenging himself against Frieza afterward was less the Saiyan genocide itself and more being placed under forced servitude by Frieza for most of his life as a result.

He seemed to have changed his tune later in life, as when confronting a revived Frieza, he makes clear that Frieza’s genocide against his race is a major factor in why he refuses to rejoin him, and notably proceeded to attack Beerus in a rage after the latter admitted his role in causing the genocide to happen in the first place.

It was not until the Majin Buu Saga that Vegeta began to act upon his concealed feelings, first sparked by hearing of Goku’s temporary return to the real world.

His obsession with overtaking and defeating Goku was once again ignited, but the repeated setbacks during the World Tournament by Shin and Babidi’s conflict made him irritated that his fight was being unceremoniously postponed.

In addition, upon witnessing Goku’s Super Saiyan 2 during his fight against Yakon, Vegeta’s hopes were further dashed as he realized how useless his own tireless training was.

Desperation eventually consumes him to the point where he willingly allows Babidi to transform him into a Majin, claiming it is a return of his old “evil” self, though this was a desperate, failed ploy to restore his former wickedness, believing it to have been the source of his true power.

Goku believes Vegeta is bluffing, and correctly so Vegeta demonstrates his prevailing softness in hugging Trunks for the first time and telling him that he is proud to be his father, before performing a sacrificial Final Explosion against Majin Buu.

It is when his family falls victim to Majin Buu that Vegeta finally understands the pain of losing a loved one and fully grasps the harm he has caused to so many people, and he comes to regret his many transgressions. Since then, he has refrained from killing his opponents unless necessary and tries to be cautious of situations.

From the beginning of the series to near the end, Vegeta is shown to be exceptionally vain and egotistical. A prime example of this is in his fight with Semi-Perfect Cell. Though he could have easily destroyed this weaker form of Cell, his arrogance bested him, and he purposely let Cell absorb Android 18 just to have a challenge in Cell through which to test his power.

However, it should be noted that Cell used trickery and had knowledge of Saiyans due to their cells composing his structure. While fighting Super Buu, as well as while fighting Janemba on a different occasion,

Vegeta vehemently opposed fusion with Goku due to his pride, but Goku managed to persuade him. Later, Vegeta becomes more willing to fuse, going so far as to propose it himself in the battle against Omega Shenron in Dragon Ball GT.

On several occasions, Vegeta conceitedly underestimates his opponents; in the cases of Perfect Cell and Kid Buu, Vegeta was fooled by their diminutive appearances, believing that they had only “shrunk”, which is somewhat ironic, given his own short stature, yet large power.

While Vegeta lives for battling powerful foes, in some instances he has been seen too afraid of opponents for their tremendous power; such as the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, the God of Destruction Beerus (he does everything he possibly can to ensure that the God of Destruction is not angered when the latter arrives at Bulma’s birthday party), and Frieza.

However, against Broly and Beerus he visibly had a change of heart, displayed his pride, and took to the fight. Despite his lust for fighting against powerful foes, Vegeta’s arrogance has a flipside too.

It’s debatable that stronger the foe, the more aggressive Vegeta’s fighting style becomes and vice versa. He often recklessly throws himself into the fray against foes that are drastically more powerful than he is, while he barely bothers to touch significantly weaker enemies like Pui Pui for example.

It could be argued that this attitude is a Saiyan trait instead of a personal quirk of his since there have been occasions when Goku shares this mentality, albeit to a somewhat lesser extent.

Where Goku might see a potential learning experience in sparring with a weaker foe while keeping his own power level down to make it fair, it’s likely that Vegeta refuses to dirty his hands with such menial tasks altogether.

Arguably, his most defining trait is his rivalry with Goku and his obsession to surpass him in power. In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, he goes so far as to break down in tears over his inability to surpass Goku.

However, this obsession has led him to save Goku’s life on several occasions, insisting that only he will defeat Goku. When Goku sacrifices himself to save the Earth from being destroyed by Cell, Vegeta is devastated to the point that he vows never to fight again.

Indeed, it would seem that Vegeta’s most unique relationship is with his fellow Saiyan. Since their first battle, his opinion of Goku always being one step ahead of him, even though Goku is a lower class Saiyan, runs the gamut from contempt to rivalry, and later to respect and friendship.

After the defeat of Kid Buu, he has a change of heart and his angry grudge against Goku becomes a friendly rivalry, though he will always get annoyed and even infuriated when someone openly refers to him as second best to Goku, such as Whis and Top.

Vegeta also maintains a hint of envy and fury whenever Goku reaches a new height, such as Kaio-Ken X10 or Ultra Instinct (though in the case of the latter, he ultimately accepted that that was one power unique to only Goku himself).

He’ll even jump at the chance to see Goku beaten by his hand even if the circumstances are technical, such as when he rooted for his copy-version to defeat Goku and opted to fight Goku Black just because he looked like Goku himself.

Even so, Vegeta expressed his disdain for Black’s shameless theft of his Saiyan brother’s vessel, pummeling him as he reveals that Goku worked hard his whole life to achieve his strength and that regardless of his resemblance, he will never compare to the original.

Despite his respect and friendship with Goku, he still gets highly annoyed with his immature tendencies and is shocked and even a bit disgusted by the fact that despite having a wife (and two sons), Goku has no concept of romance (never having kissed Chi-Chi apparently) and therefore finds it hard to believe that he is still married.

Naturally, Goku almost always takes an optimistic opinion about Vegeta and openly admits to liking him but does occasionally criticize him for his brutality and not informing him when he is about to train.

Possibly as a means of reminding him of his heritage despite his upbringing on Earth, Vegeta will nearly always refer to Goku by his birth name Kakarot, scarcely referring to him by his Earth name otherwise.

In addition, particularly later on in the series, Vegeta will consistently agree with Goku during moments where he is mature, decisive, and perceptive, such as when he demanded that Trunks obey Goku’s order to help resurrect Piccolo, when Goku pointed out the dangers of Future Zamusu still being around despite Whis’ efforts, and especially when Goku expressed disdain at the idea of avoiding single combat during the Tournament of Power, which Vegeta translates as meaning their blood won’t allow them to act primarily as a unit.

As a perhaps ultimate symbol of his friendship and trust in Goku, Vegeta gave him the rest of his energy and an impassioned speech that proved instrumental in allowing him to complete Ultra Instinct during his battle with Jiren, earlier even mocking Belmod for his stance concerning Goku’s potential.

In the manga, Pan calls him “Uncle Vegeta”, even though they are not blood related, signifying a meaningful bond between Vegeta’s family and Goku’s.

Because of his arrogance, attitude and past wrongdoing, Vegeta gains much disdain from those around him, particularly Piccolo, Krillin, and Tien, who continually admonished him for his brutality.

However, after his plan to defeat Kid Buu and save the Earth is a success, Vegeta is recognized as one of the most reliable and strongest warriors known, and this allows him to not only reconcile with all the Z Fighters but to accept them as genuine comrades.

Though they grew up apart, Vegeta does care about his younger brother Tarble, though he is highly disappointed with Tarble’s extreme lack of fighting power despite the fact he comes from the powerful royal bloodline.

After the Kid Buu Saga, Vegeta is much more relaxed. He is often seen smiling and cracking jokes, such as when he forced Trunks to enter the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, threatening to “cut his allowance” if he did not enter the competition.

Often being more caring and kinder to his family, especially his daughter, Bulla, Vegeta admittedly has a kinder side, per his adjustment to Earthling life. His attitude towards fighting also changed instead of training to surpass Goku, he is simply training because he is curious about what his own limits are.

He does still retain his rivalry with Goku but following his revelation at the end of the Buu Saga, Vegeta only wants to beat Goku purely to test himself rather than prove superiority.

Vegeta later developed a strong age crisis, such as ignoring a group of teenagers flirting with his daughter until they called him a “geezer” and when Dr. Myuu criticized Vegeta for continuing to voice his pride as a Saiyan prince despite how much he had aged.

During Dragon Ball Super, however, Vegeta has been shown to retain his arrogance and competitive mood, but he is more open to teamwork with the Z Fighters and is willing to help others in need.

He has grown protective of the planet as he refers to it as his home and doesn’t want to bear the burden of losing another home planet as he did with Planet Vegeta. He also develops strong morals, as he rejected Whis’ offer to become the next Universe 7 God of Destruction and refused to rejoin forces with Frieza.

Due to his initial lack of sentiment, Vegeta regarded familial bonds as inferior. Vegeta showed little to no interest in fatherhood when Trunks was born and viewed him as only Bulma’s child because Vegeta never wanted to have children.

But Vegeta gradually came to understand the gratitude of having a family and home to return to. He even cited being able to teach Trunks everything he knows as a priority to be a father.

He will often decline to participate in family activities in favor of training, which he justifies on the grounds of enhancing his strength to protect the world. Vegeta is aware this affects his family, but he nevertheless strongly hints his appreciation for his family, as the Tournament of Power was being arranged, Vegeta initially turned down participating to witness the birth of his daughter.

Vegeta also desires for Trunks to follow in his footsteps as a warrior but not so with Bulla, whom he dotes on, and gradually accepts if his children choose different paths as long as they are happy and safe. He is shown to be protective of his family, as it is shown Vegeta is unable to see his wife and children in pain or danger, which later serves as motivation for him to boost his capabilities in battle.

Also, despite being nervous upon learning Bulma’s second pregnancy, Vegeta was happy to learn he was having a daughter and enjoyed taking care of Bulla. However, he raised Trunks with a combination of respect and discipline, to where Trunks avoids misbehaving in his father’s presence.

Even more, he is willing to go to extreme methods to protect his family, including humiliation on his part for the sake of their well-being, and he is offended when he learns Goku would prefer training rather than spend time with his children.

He is also proud of Future Trunks giving everything he had to protect his world from Zamasu and even protected Future Trunks from one of Fused Zamasu’s attacks. His care for Future Trunks was further established in Super Dragon Ball Heroes where seeing Future Trunks’ life was in danger by the hand of Cumber, he chose to willingly put on the Potara earring to fuse with Goku, something he was not willing to do before.

In Bojack Unbound, he also willingly went to confront Bojack after seeing his son in danger from his men on TV and even made sure to bring Future Trunks’ sword along to supply it to him, when earlier he was unwilling to participate in or ever watch the Intergalactic Tournament due to losing the will to fight as a result of Goku’s death.

On a similar note, after Piccolo accidentally reveals that the boy who defeated Frieza earlier was actually a future version of his then-newborn son, Vegeta privately expresses pride that his son would grow to become that strong, a stark contrast to the period between Frieza’s death and the Androids’ ambush, where he felt threatened by the boy’s ability to become Super Saiyan.

In the anime, Vegeta is shown to have a fear of worms, as when the small roundworms appear behind a larger one when inside Buu, Vegeta bolts behind Goku.

On a similar note, he apparently wasn’t fond of vulgar elements, which was best evidenced after the events of the Majin Buu Saga where he didn’t join in laughter over Chi-Chi chasing Gotenks after Goku forced him out of an outdoor bath and coldly stated it was vulgar (this was changed in the English dub to him breaking the fourth wall by asking what the viewer was looking at).

He apparently was also not fond of wearing apparently feminine clothing, as evidenced by his shocked and horrified reaction when he realized Bulma provided him with a pink shirt after he showered upon his return to Earth.

In addition to his wife and children, it is implied that on some level Vegeta cared and looked up to his father, despite his claims to the contrary. His father was one of the greatest influences on young Vegeta, instilling in him his strong Saiyan pride as well as his early elitist views.

Vegeta also tried to defend his father from Beerus showing that he indeed cared for him which is also supported by his assertion that he followed Frieza when he was younger cause Frieza had threatened his father.

While Vegeta coldly seemed to care little for his father when Frieza mentioned killing him, it is likely he kept his true feelings towards his father to himself as such emotions were considered a sign of weakness among the Saiyans. In addition to his father, Vegeta has a positive relationship with his younger brother which is ironically in contrast to Goku and Raditz’s relationship.

Though Vegeta is ashamed of his brother’s weakness like his father as he gets along well with him despite this though this may be due to Tarble looking up to Vegeta and even letting his brother believe he was responsible for defeating Frieza.

It is unknown how they got along when they were younger as Vegeta had mellowed when it came to his family by the time, they in Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends! though he apparently chose not to reveal he had a brother even to his own wife and children until Tarble appeared on Earth.

It is also implied that his comrades (with the potential exception of Nappa who may have kept quiet about it out of respect for the royal family and not to upset Vegeta) were unaware of Tarble as Raditz never mentioned Tarble or any other Saiyan survivors indicating that he was unaware that Vegeta had a younger brother.

However, it is possible that Vegeta may have secretly wished to protect the gentle Tarble from Frieza in addition to protecting the reputation of the Saiyan royal family.

Vegeta tends to be hotheaded and quick-tempered during battles, especially ones not in his favor. According to Whis, the Saiyan Prince is too tense during fights and thinks too much before acting, putting a limit on his speed.

Whis recommended that Vegeta needs to relax once in a while and not be so focused on training constantly since it is too intense for him to concentrate.

During the beginning of the Tournament of Destroyers, Vegeta shows a great interest in the Saiyans from Universe 6, asking Cabba what the name of their homeworld is, and asking Cabba if he could learn more about the Saiyans of Universe 6, which is very uncanny of Vegeta as he rarely questions about the affairs of other people or planets.

This shows that he has a deep-seeded passion and even curiosity about his race. Vegeta takes an instant interest in Cabba similar to a teacher-student relationship, going as far as to teach Cabba how to transform into Super Saiyan, expressing sadness when Cabba and Universe 6 are erased by the Zenos, and vowing to resurrect Cabba and his universe with the Super Dragon Balls.

Vegeta has often been shown to have a deep dislike for fighters who use unfair methods for a fight, which shows that he is someone who prefers to fight with dignity.

An example of this was during the Tournament of Power, when Universe 2 warrior Prum acted as a sniper and tried to eliminate Vegeta (only managing to cut his cheek), the Saiyan Prince furiously insulted him, calling him a dishonorable coward and a shameless worm.

He also shows contempt for those who abandon their own values and code as Top, who in Vegeta’s eyes was only a loser who cannot even protect his own pride.

He also views Moro with disgust, stating how he takes the power of others and does not give a fair fight and the reason he does this is because his true power is extremely weak.

During the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Vegeta reflected on his last visit to Planet Namek, expressed guilt over what he had done to the Namekians, and vowed to protect them and New Namek from Moro as a form of atonement.

Piccolo also notes on this sense of atonement from Vegeta, amazed by how much Vegeta has grown as a person and how he is now fighting for the planet in an attempt to make up for his past and wipe the slate clean by defeating Moro.

Vegeta has also come to accept the sins of his past, stating that when he dies, he will surely go to Hell because he is a villain and has come to accept the consequences for his actions, but still fights for the planet in his attempt to make up for those actions, demonstrating his significant change of character.

This change of character is also shown after Moro’s invasion: while conversing with Beerus on his world, Vegeta shows deep shame in the Saiyans’ past of bloodshed and domination, fully accepting their crimes while also admitting Frieza wasn’t responsible for their crimes.

During the Granolah the Survivor Saga, after acquiring Ultra Ego and his training with Beerus, Vegeta noted that unlike the past, he could not throw away his morality to utilize the form to it’s full potential.

This shows that Vegeta’s morality, despite being more ruthless than Goku’s, has developed to the point where he cannot return fully to the brutal and cold warrior he once was.

Vegeta’s Abilities

Physical Abilities

Considered to be a prodigy, even amongst high class warriors, Vegeta is the powerful Prince of all Saiyans, with his own strength even surpassing that of his father at a young age.

As a Saiyan, Vegeta possesses a vast array of superhuman physical attributes, which he has trained to God-like levels through years of rigorous training.

Superhuman Strength: As a Saiyan, Vegeta possesses immense physical strength, far more advanced than that of any human being, and most alien races.

He is strong enough to effortlessly break all Earthling made materials or weapons, move in increased gravity without any discomfort, and even lift a suit capable of sinking through a planet.

Although, in a comical scene of the Dragon Ball Super manga, even as a Super Saiyan he is not strong enough to even make the one-thousand-ton Magetta move.

Superhuman Speed: As an extremely experienced and trained Saiyan warrior, Vegeta can move and fly at hypersonic and eventually light speeds, enabling him the ability to travel great distances in short periods of time, or move at “untrackable” speeds while in combat.

Superhuman Durability: As a highly trained Saiyan, Vegeta’s body is far more durable than that of normal human beings, being essentially invulnerable to all Earthling made weapons.

However, while naturally durable thanks to his Saiyan physiology, he does have limits, as other powerful beings as himself can hurt, and potentially kill him, if he does not defend himself correctly, and when purposely lowering his guard and ki to protect him, even an energy wave from Krillin, a being far weaker than himself, was capable of leaving him near death, though it did require two attempts from the later, with Vegeta claiming his first try was useless.

Superhuman Senses: Vegeta is able to think and react at extremely high speeds, easily able to dodge or catch projectiles fired from weapons, or even keep up with incredible combat speeds from his opponents. As a Saiyan, Vegeta also has enhanced senses of smell, taste and sight, which further increase his combat senses and instincts.

Energy Abilities

As an elite Saiyan warrior, Vegeta has great mastery over his own Ki, the natural life force every being has, and uses it to increases his fighting abilities.

Flight: The ability to take flight through the manipulation of ki. As a Saiyan, Vegeta can naturally fly at incredible speeds with minimal effort.

Ki Sense: The ability to sense the energy of other beings. Vegeta learned this technique after his first battle against Goku on Earth.

Ki Transfer: Vegeta can grant some of his energy to a wounded person to restore some of their energy.

Godly Ki mastery: Vegeta can change the nature of his Ki to that of the gods, increasing his power drastically. With the Godly Ki, Vegeta gains access to god-level transformations such as the Super Saiyan God and the Super Saiyan Blue.

Spirit Control: Having achieved Spirit Control to a greater degree than Goku, Vegeta became able to use his power to a much greater extent.

Hakai: The ability of Gods of Destruction of destroying anything from existence. Vegeta became proficient with this skill, being recognized by Beerus himself and given a signature God of Destruction earring as proof of his mastery over this ability.

Evil Aura: Vegeta can utilize the special dark energy unique to Evil Saiyans to empower his standard Super Saiyan Blue to attain the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Controlled Berserk) transformation and via this form, Vegeta can utilize Evil Aura powered techniques like Désastre Claw and energy barrier wall.

Mental Abilities

Extremely high willpower: Vegeta’s willpower, which is mainly fueled by his pride as the prince of the Saiyans, is such that he can stand great physical and mental stress. His willpower is such that he can remain immobile for days under the extreme conditions of a wasteland or counter Babidi’s powerful Manipulation Sorcery.

Gag manga awareness: Vegeta is capable of being aware of when he has entered into a gag manga environment, as opposed to his usual battle manga one. He is also capable of switching to a gag manga type fighting style in these situations, which he displays against Arale.

Genius of Combat: Vegeta is a brilliant tactician having shown his skills many times on the battlefield. He was able to trick Dr. Gero into retreating using reverse psychology.

Ultra Ego: Whilst using the Ultra Ego transformation, Vegeta gains the ability to get stronger as his fighting spirit and damage increases.

In the world of anime, few characters are as iconic and beloved as Vegeta. His evolution from a ruthless Saiyan prince to a selfless hero is a testament to the power of character development. With his unwavering pride, determination, and love for his family, Vegeta continues to be a symbol of hope and strength in the Dragon Ball universe.

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