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Naruto Shippuden is one of the most popular and successful anime series of all time, with millions of fans around the world. The show follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. Along the way, he meets many friends and enemies, and faces various challenges and threats.

One of the characters that Naruto encounters in his journey is Shion, a priestess from the Land of Demons. She plays a major role in the first Naruto Shippuden movie, where she and Naruto have to work together to stop a powerful demon from destroying the world.

But who is Shion, and what makes her so special? In this article, we will explore the character of Shion, her background, personality, abilities, and relationship with Naruto.

All about Shion

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Part II: 15
  • Height: Part II: 161 cm
  • Occupation: Priestess
  • Affiliation: Land of Demons

Shion’s Background

Shion was born with two gifts: to seal away demons, and to predict someone’s death. She inherited these abilities from her mother, Miroku, who was also the priestess of the Land of Demons.

Miroku sacrificed herself to seal away a demon named Moryo, who wanted to plunge the world into darkness. Before she died, she gave Shion a bell as a protective charm, which had tremendous powers to shield her from harm.

Shion grew up isolated and lonely, as people feared and shunned her because of her predictions. She was not taught any ninjutsu, as her mother hoped that she could live a normal life.

She was also spoiled and pampered by her followers, who believed that she was the only one who could seal Moryo again if he ever returned. Shion became arrogant and selfish, thinking that she was more important than anyone else.

Shion’s Personality

When Naruto first met Shion, he was annoyed by her attitude and behavior. She was rude, snobbish, and demanding, and did not care about the lives of others.

She casually dismissed the deaths of her guards, who sacrificed themselves to protect her. She also complained about everything, from the food to the terrain. She even teased Naruto about his death, which she predicted would happen soon.

However, Naruto soon discovered the reasons behind Shion’s personality. She was lonely and guilty, as she felt that showing emotions would be insulting to those who died for her.

She also felt burdened by her duty, as she knew that she had to seal Mōryō again, even if it meant sacrificing her own life. She was afraid of dying, but also of living.

Naruto empathized with Shion, as he also experienced the pain of being an outcast and having a heavy responsibility. He encouraged her to be more positive and optimistic, and to value her own life.

He also promised to protect her and to change her fate. Shion gradually opened up to Naruto, and became more kind and friendly. She also developed romantic feelings for him, and even asked him to help her father her child, which Naruto misunderstood as a request to help her with her duty.

Shion’s Appearance

She has pale lavender eyes and light blonde hair that falls past her waist, which she keeps tied at the end with a bow. As a formal priestess, she wore a lavender kimono with her hair kept tied back with a golden crown.

During her travel with Naruto and his group, she wore a bra-like white top, with a mustard yellow jacket, which looks a little big for her, and red pants cuffing off at the knees.

When she releases her power and transforms, her skin gains red markings, her hair turns pink and stands on the end. A blue cloth hovers behind her and covers her arms. Her clothing changes to a thin yellow dress that is nearly see-through.

Shion’s Abilities

Shion had two main abilities: sealing demons and predicting deaths. She could use her bell to create a powerful barrier that could trap and weaken demons.

She could also use her bell to perform various attacks, such as shooting beams of light, creating a protective sphere, or unleashing a super chakra rasengan with Naruto. She could also use her bell to release the seal on Moryo, which was necessary to defeat him.

Shion’s other ability was to foresee the deaths of people. She could see the exact moment and manner of someone’s death, and she was never wrong. However, she could not see her own death, nor could she change the fate of others.

She could only warn them and hope that they would avoid it. She also had a limited range of vision, as she could only see the deaths of those who were close to her.

Shion’s mother, Miroku, had ordered the soldiers to not teach Shion any ninjutsu, due to wanting her to live a normal life. Due to this, as well as being pampered for her whole life, Shion has low stamina, and needed to be carried long distances by other more able people.

However, Shion’s natural powers were so great her mother feared that, if Shion was corrupted, she could become a threat even worse than Mōryō.

Birth Gifts

As the priestess of the Land of Demons, Shion was born with two gifts. The first one is to seal away demons, at which she has been training for in her entire life, though she had no idea that the seal’s usage was to release Moryo and allow him to rein free.

The second gift is to predict the death of someone; her second gift acts as defence mechanism to protect the priestess, that should she die she would warn her past self and tell her who were around her at the time, and then the past priestess, would state one of those people would die, so they are motivated to protect her.

It also activates involuntarily. She has been noted to have made 100 of such predictions, and has never been wrong once, until she forcefully defied her prediction about Naruto Uzumaki by protecting him.

Mystical Bell Powers

Before her death, Miroku, in exchange for not allowing her daughter to learn any ninjutsu, has left Shion with a mystical bell with special powers, designed to protect the holder from harm, which seems to activate involuntarily.

It can launch laser beams capable of slicing through the stone puppet soldiers of Moryo, create a sphere of light that can shield Shion from the darkness, and transfer the protection to anyone she chooses (as she did to protect Naruto from Mōryō), and transform into an angelic entity of light capable of destroying Mōryō’s darkness.

Shion gave the mystical chakra of the bell to Naruto, allowing them to form the Super Chakra Rasengan together, a variation of the Rasengan strong enough to completely destroy Mōryō, and cause the mountain they were inside erupt.

Relationship with Naruto

Shion and Naruto had a complex and dynamic relationship. They started off as enemies, then became allies, and finally became friends. They also had a potential romantic connection, as Shion fell in love with Naruto, and Naruto showed some signs of attraction to her.

Shion initially hated Naruto, as she saw him as a nuisance and a threat. She did not trust him, and tried to get rid of him. She also resented him for being able to change his fate, as she predicted that he would die, but he survived. She was jealous of his freedom and happiness, and wanted to take it away from him.

However, Naruto did not give up on Shion, and tried to understand her. He saw through her facade, and realized that she was lonely and scared. He also admired her courage and determination, and respected her duty. He wanted to help her, and to make her smile. He also wanted to prove her wrong, and to show her that fate could be changed.

Shion eventually warmed up to Naruto, and appreciated his kindness and sincerity. She also admired his strength and will, and trusted him. She wanted to be with him, and to share his life. She also wanted to give him a child, as she believed that it would be a way to pass on his legacy and to ensure the survival of her clan.

Naruto was surprised and flattered by Shion’s feelings, and did not reject her. He agreed to help her, but he did not realize the true meaning of her request.

He also showed some affection for her, as he hugged her, held her hand, and complimented her. He also promised to protect her, and to visit her again.

Shion was a unique and interesting character in the Naruto Shippuden series. She was a priestess with special abilities, who had to face a dangerous enemy and a tragic destiny. She was also a love interest for Naruto, who changed her life and her fate. She was a character who grew and developed, and who left a lasting impression on the fans.

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