Ryohei Hayashi

Character Profile For Ryohei Hayashi From Tokyo Revengers

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Ryohei Hayashi (林はやし良りょう平へい,, Hayashi Ryōhei?), or Peh-yan (ぺーやん, Pe ̄yan?), is the Third Division Vice-Captain (参番隊 副隊長, Sanban-tai Fuku Taichō?) of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

  • Japanese: 林良平
  • Rōmaji: Hayashi Ryōhei
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 27 (2017)/15 (2005)
  • Birthday: October 15, 1990
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Eye Color: Black

Appearance Ryohei Hayashi

Peh-yan is a tall teenager with short blonde hair. He is described that he has an intimidating presence to him with eyes that always gives him a sad but fierce look to him.

Personality Ryohei Hayashi

Peh-yan is a short tempered and aggressive person and is rather unintelligent and has a quite menacing presence most of the time. However, as time goes on, Peh-yan is shown to have a lot of care for not only Toman but also for its members.

When his close friend Pah-chin was almost beaten into a bloody pulp by Osanai, he was very worried for him and wanted to interfere with the fight. Peh-yan has a keen sense of humor, making witty remarks depending on the situation.

Skills and Abilities Ryohei Hayashi


As the Vice Captain, and later, acting captain, of his division, Peh-yan has command over its members and can lead them in battle.

Fighting Prowess

According to Takashi Mitsuya, although Peh-yan is stupid, he is stronger in a fight than he is. Peh-yan fights in a very straightforward manner, displaying no other moves except heavy punches that have knockout potential against anyone they land on.

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