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Rin Nohara is a supporting character in the anime and manga series Naruto. She was a medical ninja and a member of Team Minato, along with Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha. She played a pivotal role in the events that led to the Fourth Shinobi World War, as well as the formation of the Akatsuki.

All about Rin Nohara

  • Birthdate: November 15
  • Sex: Female
  • Status: Deceased
  • Height: Part I: 143 cm
  • Weight: Part I: 39.8 kg
  • Blood type: A
  • Classification: Medical-nin/Jinchūriki
  • Tailed Beast: Isobu (Forms)
  • Affiliation: Konohagakure
  • Team: Team Minato

Rin Nohara’s Background

Rin spent her young childhood playing alongside her best friend Obito Uchiha, often cheering him on when he struggled. On the day of their entrance into the Academy, Rin was present when Obito arrived after the ceremony had ended, which left him dismayed. Rin, however, handed Obito his entrance documents, which he was very thankful for.

Rin was also the first to congratulate Kakashi Hatake after he’d graduated from the Academy a year ahead of the rest of his class Kakashi having gotten his own forehead protector after successfully performing the Clone Technique.

After graduating from the Academy a few years later, Rin was placed under the jonin tutelage of Minato Namikaze, alongside Obito and Kakashi.

In the anime, for their final test to become genin, Minato tasked his potential students with taking one of two bells from him in actual combat.

While initially, the team attacked Minato independently, easily being outmanoeuvred by the veteran ninja, Kakashi convinced Rin and Obito to work with him, ultimately earning Minato’s approval to become his students as they passed the real test: showing teamwork.

When Minato’s students partook in the Chūnin Exams, Rin and Kakashi stood outside the gates of the Forest of Death waiting on the chronically late Obito to arrive.

While in the forest, they were confronted by Might Guy, Genma Shiranui, and Ebisu. Before they could attack as a team, though, Rin was shocked to see Obito move to attack, but before Obito could do anything, he was knocked down by Guy.

She later dressed Obito’s wounds as Obito professed his pride in his clan, and his dream to be Hokage. She later watched with bated anticipation and cheered as Kakashi fought Guy during the third round of the exams with Kakashi defeating Guy.

After Kakashi became a jōnin, Rin would concoct a top-secret celebration for him much to Obito’s dismay due to the fact that Obito had hoped to use the moment to presumably tell Rin that he loved her.

During the Third Shinobi World War, Team Minato was assigned to destroy the Kannabi Bridge. During the mission, Rin was kidnapped by Taiseki during the course of the mission, and Kakko another one of her captors attempted to interrogate her using genjutsu to find out if she knew anything about Konoha’s war efforts.

Rin’s will, however, proved too strong and did not break even under the genjutsu. She was later rescued by Kakashi and Obito. Although they succeeded in rescuing her, Obito was crushed in a cave-in caused by Kakko.

Before Obito “died” however, he asked Rin to implant his Sharingan into Kakashi’s left eye socket to replace the latter’s damaged one. Wasting no time given the very grim circumstances, Rin began the procedure immediately, after which, she and Kakashi were forced to flee when enemy reinforcements arrived and continued the cave-in. Minato would later arrive on the scene and defeat the Iwa-nin.

After Kakashi had recovered, the team went on to complete their mission and destroy the bridge. In the anime, it was shown that Rin was sent out on a mission with Kakashi and Guy.

With their situation looking grim, Guy used himself as a decoy to lead away the Iwagakure shinobi, and Kakashi went after him. Rin later returned with backup from Konoha, which caused the enemy-nin to retreat.

Some time after the events at Kannabi Bridge, Rin was secretly kidnapped by Madara Uchiha under the guise of Kirigakure’s doing, and had Isobu sealed into her. She was also branded with the Forbidden Individual Curse Tag and programmed so that the tailed beast would be let loose within Konoha once she and Kakashi returned to the village.

She was soon rescued by Kakashi. To ensure the retrieval of the tailed beast, various jōnin and Anbu-level Kiri shinobi were sent to “chase” after them.

Surmising the true reason she was made a jinchuriki, Rin being unable to take her own life asked Kakashi to kill her in order to protect the village, which Kakashi refused, stating that he had vowed to Obito to protect her by any means necessary.

Rin, however, later chose to commit suicide rather than risk Konoha’s safety which she achieved by intercepting Kakashi’s Chidori, which was meant to hit a Kiri-nin, impaling herself and dying before the boy she liked with the two unaware of Obito’s presence.

Rin also used the last of her strength to whisper Kakashi’s name before she died, with her death leaving the enemy ninja stunned and both Kakashi and Obito horrified.

Seconds later, as Kakashi passed out due to exhaustion, Obito who had witnessed the scene responded by viciously and mercilessly slaughtering all the enemy ninja in sight before holding Rin’s body and vowing to recreate a world where he and Rin could ultimately be together again.

In the afterlife, Rin would spend her time always watching Obito, just as she assured him long ago, and patiently waited for Obito to one day join her.

It is not known what became of Rin’s body after she died, but it is presumed that Obito either buried her or that they were discovered, and her body was taken back to Konoha and buried in the Konoha Cemetery.

Rin Nohara’s Personality

Rin was a sweet and friendly girl who cared deeply for her comrades as well as her village. She often played the role of peacemaker during Obito and Kakashi’s many spats while remaining objective.

Rin was also an intellectual individual, witnessed by her ability to learn as well as use high level medical ninjutsu at such a young age. She proved to be perceptive under stress as seen in when she thought Obito had died and after being captured by the Kiri shinobi, she concluded that she should not return to Konoha or the village would be attacked. Rin was a devoted person as seen in her unwillingness to abandon Obito even when her own life was in great peril.

She had a very strong will, as even though under what seemed to be the harshest of genjutsu, she would not break. While Obito had romantic feelings for her, Rin did not share them, instead having romantic feelings for Kakashi which were revealed only shortly after Obito was incapacitated during the cave in.

Nevertheless, Rin cared very deeply for Obito and was willing to always help him in almost anything, either by treating his wounds or giving him moral support.

She was one of the first people to acknowledge him as a person and a ninja, and she was confident that he would one day become Hokage as she was always supporting his dream, and hoped to be beside him should it happen.

She was also deeply saddened when Obito was incapacitated during the cave in and she mourned his presumed death. Rin also never seemed to become disappointed or angry at Obito for his actions after her death, and assured him that despite never fulfilling his promise to her, she knew he did his best.

Rin was also very dedicated to her village and willingly sacrificed her own life to protect it rather than risk playing a major part in its potential destruction.

Rin Nohara’s Appearance

Rin was a young girl of average height. She had straight brown hair, which was cut in a chin-length bob that framed her face, and brown eyes. When she was a child in the Academy, her hair was long, hanging to nearly the top of her shoulders.

She also had a rectangular purple marking on either sides of her cheeks. She wore a long-sleeved black top and a light purple apron-skirt, under which she wore black shorts.

She also wore the standard Konoha forehead protector, along with a pair of sandals, red stockings that stopped at her thighs, and a small, red bracelet on her left wrist although it should be noted in addition to the bracelet being visible in the anime, it is also visible in a few pages of the Naruto manga. While on missions, Rin carried around a backpack instead of a pouch containing all of her equipment.

As an Academy student, she wore a simple outfit consisting of a light-coloured blouse with a bow tied in the middle and a simple, sleeveless haori. As a genin, Rin wore a light purple outfit with shuriken patterns over it, with a belt around her waist and several pouches. Underneath this, she wore chain-mail armour, and calf-length sandals.

In the anime, during her mission with Kakashi and Might Guy, she wore the standard Konoha flak jacket over her light purple, shuriken-patterned outfit.

Rin Nohara’s Abilities

Rin was a competent and incredibly strong-willed kunoichi. She was able to resist leaking any information even when under Kakkō’s genjutsu. In the anime, Rin showed at least basic taijutsu skill during her genin test against Minato.


Rin was able to use Fire, Water and Yang Release nature transformation.

Medical Ninjutsu

As a medical-nin, Rin’s primary duty on missions was to give support to her teammates. She showed great aptitude and was even able to teach her teammates basic first aid.

Despite her age, she displayed great skill with medical ninjutsu showcased when she successfully implanted Obito’s left Sharingan into Kakashi’s damaged eye socket. Although the situation was dire, she completed the procedure with speed and efficiency while only using basic medical tools.

What is Rin Nohara’s legacy?

Rin Nohara’s legacy is one of love and hope. Despite her tragic end, she never lost her faith in her friends or her village. She sacrificed herself for their sake, showing them her true loyalty and courage. She inspired them to overcome their grief and despair, and to fight for peace and justice.

She also left behind a positive impression on many people who knew her or heard of her story. She was admired by many ninjas from Konoha and other villages for her skills and personality. She was respected by the tailed beasts, who recognized her as a kind and gentle soul. She was cherished by Naruto, who saw her as a part of his family and his history.

She also played a role in the final resolution of the war and the conflict between Obito and Kakashi. She appeared to them as a spirit, along with Minato and other deceased ninjas, to support them in their battle against Madara

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