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If you’re a fan of the widely popular anime series, Naruto Shippuden, you’ve undoubtedly come across some of the most compelling and unforgettable characters. One such character who has left a lasting impact on fans across the globe is Killer Bee. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the world of this enigmatic shinobi, exploring his background, unique abilities, and his journey within the Naruto Shippuden storyline.

All about Killer Bee

  • Birthdate: May 15
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Part II: 36
  • Height: Part II: 192 cm/Gaiden: 190 cm
  • Weight: Part II: 87.1 kg
  • Blood type: B
  • Classification: Jinchūriki
  • Tailed Beast: Gyūki (Forms)
  • Occupation: Guardian of Kumogakure
  • Affiliation: Kumogakure/Allied Shinobi Forces
  • Team: A-B Combo/Kumo Council
  • Partner: A

Killer Bee’s Background

At a young age, he was along with several other children who were gathered by the Third Raikage and Dodai in order to select a tag partner for his son A.

Out of all the children gathered, he was the only person able to successfully perform the Lightning Release: Double Lariat with A. As such he was given the name “B”, and A stated they would be brothers from that day on.

Since the age of five, B has been best friends with Motoi, whom he always greeted with a fist bump. After A’s cousin, the jinchūriki of Gyūki lost control and killed Motoi’s father along with seven other ninja on that day, B was chosen as its next jinchūriki.

Soon afterwards, B suffered from similar prejudices against jinchūriki, not too different from that the villagers of Konohagakure and Sunagakure had against Naruto Uzumaki and Gaara respectively. However, he kept smiling and pushed himself to be the best jinchūriki that he could be, so that his brother wouldn’t be hurt politically as the Fourth Raikage.

After his father’s death, Motoi tried to kill Bee, believing that B’s death would also kill Gyūki and avenge his late father, but B disarmed him easily and held no ill will against Motoi.

Motoi however, was ashamed of his actions and did not speak to B for over thirty years because of it. B would later train with his brother on an island in the Land of Lightning, where there he would find the Falls of Truth.

There he learned how to control Gyūki in an amazingly short period of time. Some time after his training, B, alongside A, and other Kumo shinobi confronted Minato Namikaze and his small squad. When Minato moved to counter A’s attack, B used a tentacle to push A out of the way, causing shock to the Konoha shinobi that he was Gyūki’s jinchūriki.

The two from this encounter Minato would come to have much respect for B and his abilities. Minato even stated that B acted as a true shinobi killer, thus giving him the title of “Killer”. Some time since then, much like Naruto, B has become beloved in Kumo as the village’s hero, or, as Motoi called him, the “Hero of Heroes”.

When A became the Raikage, he forbade B from fully transforming into the Eight Tails and restricted him from leaving the village, saying instead that he would become the guardian of the village and attack from within its walls, to protect him from meeting the same fate as his adoptive father.

Sometime later, when B learned from pestering Darui that Konoha and Suna were hosting together an impromptu Chūnin Exams, B saw this as an opportunity to give a show for the attendees. A however anticipated his young brother’s actions and had Darui and C stop him.

Killer Bee’s Personality

In the context of the anime and manga series “Naruto,” the term “Killer B” refers to a character named Bee (real name: Kumogakure B), who is a prominent ninja and a Jinchuriki. Bee is the host of the Eight-Tails (Gyuki), a powerful tailed beast in the series. To describe Killer B’s personality:

  1. Lively and Energetic: Killer B is known for his vibrant and energetic personality. He often uses rap and rhyming in his speech, giving him a unique and lively presence.
  2. Confident: He exudes self-confidence and a sense of self-assuredness. This confidence extends to his abilities as a ninja and his role as a Jinchuriki.
  3. Optimistic: Killer B maintains a positive outlook on life, even in challenging situations. His optimism is often shown through his music and lyrics.
  4. Loyal and Protective: He is fiercely loyal to his village, Kumogakure, and takes his duty as a Jinchuriki seriously. He is willing to protect his village and friends at any cost.
  5. Determined and Persistent: Killer B is incredibly determined, especially in his training and battles. He strives to improve his skills constantly.
  6. Comedic: He has a humorous side and frequently engages in comedic banter with other characters, adding a light-hearted touch to the series.
  7. Skilled Fighter: As a Jinchuriki, Killer B possesses immense physical strength and chakra control. He’s also a master of the unique fighting style, “Kenjutsu,” which involves wielding seven swords simultaneously.
  8. Wise Mentor: Over time, Killer B becomes a mentor to Naruto Uzumaki, helping him harness the power of his own tailed beast. He imparts valuable life lessons and ninja techniques to Naruto.

Killer B’s distinctive personality and memorable character traits contribute to the overall appeal of “Naruto” as a series, and he plays a significant role in Naruto’s growth as a ninja and a person.


Killer Bee’s Appearance

Killer B has dark skin and a muscular build, as well as white hair (blond in the anime) and a goatee. On his right shoulder, he has a tattoo of the kanji for “iron” (鉄, tetsu), which is the Iron Armour Seal that was used to seal Gyuki into him, and on his left cheek, he has a tattoo of a bull’s horn (correspondingly, Gyūki has horns like a bull, and the left one is partially missing). His top lip also has a slightly darker hue than his bottom one.

Killer B wears oval shaped sunglasses and a white coloured forehead protector. He also has his village’s standard one strap over one shoulder flak jacket, and a long, red rope belt tied around his waist, the standard Kumo hand and shin guards, shinobi sandals, and a white scarf around his neck.

In the anime the trim on his flak jacket is white, but in the manga it is yellowish. He originally carried seven swords on his back, but now he only carries two swords on his back and stores the rest inside Samehada.

As a child, B’s hair was much shaggier and he wore a simple suit along with his trademark sunglasses and scarf along with Kumo-nin shin-guards. In his adolescent years, his hair grew much longer and he wore it in a stylised, combed back manner.

In these years he donned the standard uniform of the Kumo nin inclusive of shirt and started carrying two Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords. As he got older, he started wearing his forehead protector like a bandanna.

Years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, B’s attire consisted of an long, dark, sleeveless vest that left his abdomen exposed along with baggy white pants held up by a cord and standard shinobi sandals. His hair had also gotten noticeably longer and his brow becomes hairless but more prominent.

Killer Bee’s Abilities

As the guardian of Kumo and having long-since mastered his unique powers, Killer B is an extremely powerful shinobi, able to single-handedly overwhelm the entire team Taka consisting of other dangerous fighters.

As a child, he accomplished missions by himself that were meant to be executed as a team with his partner A, causing him to note that his younger brother has more talent than he did. Even Minato Namikaze stated that B was a ninja with a great power rather than simply a jinchūriki. B could hold his own against Kisame Hoshigaki of Akatsuki, and later two tailed beasts during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Jinchuriki Transformations

B is a jinchūriki of Gyūki. Even more, he is one of the few individuals to achieve complete control of his tailed beast. Because he has a strong relationship with Gyūki, it can aid B by disturbing his chakra to dispel genjutsu or granting B more of its own chakra, making it more of a willing partnership than actual dominance.

B can easily access and utilise Version 1 and 2 transformations with all eight tails, and even his most powerful form, the Tailed Beast Mode, all of which while retaining complete control of himself.

In this state, he can fire multiple Tailed Beast Balls and generate powerful tornadoes by spinning its tentacles rapidly. B can also regenerate any of Gyuki’s tentacles if they are lost; this ability, however, does not extend to its horns, as one of them was cut off by A.

B can also partially transform parts of his body into those of Gyuki’s, such as his own arm or quickly forming all eight tentacles on his back. These partial transformations can be used for various purposes.

Stemming from Gyūki’s “octopus” trait, B can produce ink from his mouth to write lyrics as a makeshift pencil, blind his enemies, or form ink clones that can immobilise and seal his targets.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

As a jinchūriki, Killer B possesses a massive quantity of strong chakra and stamina, enough to fight throughout an entire day, even while fully transformed. He could quickly recover and return to battle with no ill effects shortly after being hit by his own Tailed Beast Ball.

His tantalising chakra even caused Samehada to betray its master Kisame to join B. Even the Shinju was attracted to B’s reserves and chased him with far more roots and branches than other shinobi in the area.

B’s fighting style consists of fast unpredictable movement, aptly named, Disturbance Taijutsu. Like his brother, B generally makes use of wrestling moves, instead of standard taijutsu, which is supplemented by his immense strength.

He could successfully perform a Lightning Release: Double Lariat with A as a child, and defeat a giant bear in a sumo match as an adult. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, B’s natural raw strength had surpassed his brother’s, even in his fully powered state.

He is also durable enough to withstand being electrocuted by Sasuke, punched hard by Jugo, and even hit by A with no visible damage. He has also shown remarkable speed and reflexes, able to surprise the Yellow Flash when they fought.



While carrying only two swords in his youth, B has greatly developed his kenjutsu in adulthood. Combining kenjutsu with his unique fighting style, Disturbance Taijutsu, B can make use of another technique, Acrobat  a unique style in which B holds seven blades in between his left armpit, both elbows, right leg, stomach, the right side of his neck, and in his mouth.

As strange as it appears, B is very skilled in this style, easily pressuring his enemies with unpredictable swings from various angles in a manner similar to hip-hop dance.

When he finds an opening, he can quickly impale his opponent with several blades. His ability to impale his opponents is extremely pinpoint accurate, often hitting vital spots. Killer B mentioned Sasuke only survived being impaled by him because he used Chidori Current to deflect the blades that impaled him.

B’s kenjutsu could overwhelm even the most trained swordsmen, some of whom possess the Sharingan. He can also use the blades as mid-range projectiles, create an “Eighth” sword by using Guki’s chakra, and quickly slice rocks into various shapes. After acquiring Samehada as his main weapon, B has integrated it into his fighting style by using the sword’s ability to ‘cut’ chakra.

B can also coordinate attacks with Samehada, and use it to store some of his swords when not in use. He is also a talented teacher in kenjutsu, having taught Omoi and Karui tactics like feint attacks and deceptions with shadow clones or the Body Replacement Technique as setups for a final blow.

Nature Transformation

B is capable of using Lightning, Fire, Water, and Yang Release nature transformations. With lightning, he has displayed the ability to flow lightning-natured chakra through his blades to increase their cutting power or clad himself in it to increase his strength and speed.

B’s skill with Lightning Release can even charge a pencil to pierce straight through a large tree trunk and even through the ground. As stated by Kisame, B does this by increasing the vibration frequency of his lightning chakra high enough to surpass the penetrative force of Wind Release techniques.


Despite his carefree nature, Killer B possesses sharp wit, as shown when he used the Body Replacement Technique to switch places with one of Gyūki’s tentacle so he could escape Sasuke’s Amaterasu.

He can also be very persuasive and deceptive, as he quickly turned Naruto’s attention away from leaving the Tailed Beast Temple by offering to train him. He also has the ability to interpret someone’s “heart” as well as transmit his own feelings merely through touching someone (which is usually done through a fist bump).

This ability was first demonstrated when he was training with Naruto in the Tailed Beast Temple, again when Iruka expressed his wishes to protect Naruto to him and when he stopped his brother from attacking Naruto. B is quite knowledgeable in fūinjutsu, being able to distinguish between the superiority of the Four Symbols Seal and his own Iron Armour Seal.

In the vast world of Naruto Shippuden, Killer B stands out as a dynamic and multifaceted character. From his mastery of Kenjutsu and rap skills to his role in pivotal battles, he leaves an indelible mark on the series.

But it’s his growth as a character, his evolving relationships, and his positive influence on the Naruto universe that truly make him a killer character in every sense of the word.

So, the next time you watch Naruto Shippuden, keep an eye out for Killer B – the rap-spitting Jinchuriki sensation who’s as unforgettable as he is powerful.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the series, Killer B’s presence in Naruto Shippuden is sure to leave you buzzing with excitement!

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