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Baki (バキ, Baki) is a jōnin of Sunagakure and a member of its advisory council.

  • Birthdate: July 4
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Part I: 30 – Part II: 34
  • Height: Part I: 188.2 cm
  • Weight: Part I: 80 kg
  • Blood type: A
  • Occupation: Senior
  • Affiliation: Sunagakure
  • Team: Three Sand Siblings – Suna Council

Baki Personality

Although Baki is described to be loyal, kind and respected, like many Sand ninja, he is ruthless and stern in battle, as they are all trained to put accomplishing missions before comradeship.

With his experience in battle, he holds a lot of confidence in his power. He also knows his priorities, as he went to Chiyo and Ebizō for dealing against Sasori, as opposed to having another meeting with the council.

During the Chūnin Exams, he had confidence in the ability of all of his team members, although he commented on Kankurō not taking the battles seriously enough. He also worried frequently about Gaara’s mental stability and his control over Shukaku.

After Gaara became more mentally stable and the Kazekage, Baki showed absolute respect for Gaara even bowing and referring to him with an honourific even though he was Gaara’s former teacher.

Appearance Baki

Baki is a very tall man. He has two distinctive, red markings on the right side of his face (left side as well in the anime), the only visible part of his head, with the rest being covered by his turban like head gear and by a sheet hanging from it on the left side of his face. He dons the standard attire of a Suna-nin, complete with a forehead protector and flak jacket.

Abilities Baki

Baki is a powerful jōnin of his village, as well as one of its council’s highest-ranking members; he’s often shown taking charge of military operations, as seen during Deidara’s raid on the village at the start of Part II.

In Part I, engaging high-ranking Konohagakure shinobi was of no concern for him. He also appears knowledgeable of other village’s techniques, as he was also able to recognise one of Konoha’s high level techniques at first sight, as well as how to counter it. In the anime, as a testament to Baki’s strength, Kabuto expressed wanting to reincarnate Baki if he had lost his battle against Hayate Gekkō.

Physical Prowess

Baki is shown to be very strong and resilient in battle, being able to easily take a sword strike to his shoulder after the blade went through part of his flak jacket unfazed and stop Hayate from removing his sword with a single hand. Also, having used taijutsu as his first strike on Hayate suggests that he has some skill in the art.

In the anime, his skill in taijutsu was further elaborated on, being able to fend off Hayate’s close-range attacks for a considerable period of time, ultimately forcing Hayate to rely on shadow clones to create an opening, two of which Baki defeated. He could spit out powder to distract his opponent.


Nature Transformation

Baki can use Wind Release, and seems to be very adept at it, creating an intangible Blade of Wind with a wave of his hand to slash through his opponents with ease; an attack which he claims to be “unblockable”. In the anime, Baki was shown able to use this technique in rapid succession.

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