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Hiromi Higuruma Characters Biography

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Hiromi Higuruma (日ひ車ぐるま寛ひろ見み Higuruma Hiromi?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a defense attourney who often took on impossibly difficult cases in order to protect the wrongfully accused.

Having since given up on the justice system completely, Hiromi currently participates in the Culling Game as one of the top players. He initially serves as the antagonist of the Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc before a change of heart leads him to cooperate with Yuji Itadori.

  • Kanji: 日車寛見
  • Rōmaji: Higuruma Hiromi
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 36
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown

Appearance Hiromi Higuruma

Hiromi Higuruma is a man of average height with lightly tanned skin and a slender build. He has short, well kept, dark brown hair with a stringy texture that is styled to flow toward the back of his head.

Hiromi has a large nose and brown eyes with very small pupils. He almost always has a tired and bored expression on his face due to overwork and the nature of his career.

As a lawyer, Hiromi dons the professional attire of a typical black suit and tie, dress pants, and shoes. He also sports the sunflower pin on his left shoulder symbolizing that he’s an attorney.

Hiromi Higuruma Personality

Hiromi is a very relaxed, hyperintelligent, and modest man who always appears very detached and aloof from his environment. He can come off as apathetic due to the weary expression that’s always on his face but Hiromi is actually very passionate about justice.

Hiromi is constantly working on his craft and his associates think he’s a masochist for taking on tough cases where most people would consider his defendants sure to be found guilty.

Even though 99.9% of criminal trials in Japan end in a guilty verdict, Hiromi always chooses to try and protect the wrongfully accused by proving their innocence anyway. He’s not trying to save the weak and powerless, Hiromi simply can’t leave things alone if he doesn’t feel they’re right.

Lady Justice wears a blindfold to represent impartial justice and everyday people close their eyes to shield themselves from reality, but Hiromi is the type of man willing to keep his eyes open even if no one else will.

As a lawyer, Hiromi often has to deal with situations where he’s blamed when his clients don’t receive a lawful verdict. He tries not to let it bother him because Hiromi understands that his clients only take out their anger on him because they’ve been backed into a corner.

Despite his best efforts, the look clients give him when they’re found unjustly guilty horrifies Hiromi as it would anyone else. This is something that Hiromi’s peers worry about weighs on his mental state.

When the justice system unfairly found his most recent client guilty despite the overwhelming evidence in their favor, Hiromi snapped.

Coupled with awakening his cursed technique, Hiromi’s rage lead him to demand a retrial on the spot and he ended up murdering the prosecutor and the judge. This marked a major shift in Hiromi’s frame of mind.

Hiromi has since become generally discontent and disconnected with the laws of society. He has openly admitted he cares very little for anything at all anymore and resorted to challenging himself to try things he previously wouldn’t. This led to strange behavior like Hiromi laying in a bathtub filled with water while fully clothed in his suit and tie.

Despite the seriousness of the change his change in his mental state, Hiromi joked with Yuji as if he was just someone having a mid life crisis. He even made a momentary quip about wanting to play the money-grubbing lawyer he never was before.

Upon initially becoming a player in the Culling Game, Hiromi’s interest was in the possibilities in the rules of the game. At this point, he was dissatisfied with the law and felt they were completely powerless.

However, the Culling Game could accurately punish rule breakers without prolonged prosecutions. He genuinely felt like a world like that would be more proper and wanted to see how the game would play out regardless of numerous people losing their lives.

Hiromi’s interest in the Culling Game initially led him to deny Yuji when the boy asked him to put his points toward helping put a stop to the game.

When Yuji forced the issue, Hiromi stated that among the new things he tried, killing people who annoyed him felt better than he expected. He responded to Yuji with deadly force and tried to eliminate him.

This was until Hiromi heard him confess to a crime he wasn’t guilty of. Hiromi tried to ignore this by reminding himself that he was tired of empathizing with the weakness of ugly people day after day.

Every time Hiromi tried to help someone he ended up thinking of them as ugly. He called Yuji ugly just like everyone else because regardless of what he aspires to be, only emptiness lies ahead. Hiromi compared it to shining a light into endless darkness.

However, Hiromi used to value the ugliness of human beings because that very depravity is something that no other species has. Hiromi knew Yuji was innocent of what happened during the Shibuya Incident and couldn’t understand why Yuji would confess.

Reminded of why he got into law in the first place, Hiromi chose to stop ignoring what Yuji did and ceased hostility towards him. This helped Hiromi return to normal, his previous more stable state of mind. He agreed to talk with Yuji civically and used his points to help all the weak people still out in the world.

Hiromi carries guilt with him after what he did to the prosecutor and judge during Keita’s trial. It was difficult to turn back after doing so and he’s expressed that killing someone of his own volition felt awful.

He chose not to accompany Yuji any further because he feels he needs to take responsibility for the crime he committed. He needed to ponder his course of action and get space from Yuji because he reminded him of how far he fell from his roots.

Abilities and Powers Hiromi Higuruma

Overall Skill Level: Hiromi was always someone considered a genius by those around him. He was a brilliant lawyer that regularly overcame the toughest academic and legal challenges. However, his natural talent as a sorcerer is what stands out most about Hiromi.

He analyzed the innate technique that came by default with his Domain Expansion and learned the fundamentals of barrier techniques from that. By essentially reverse engineering barrier techniques, Hiromi attainted an instinctive grasp on how to manipulate cursed energy.

Within twelve days of awakening his cursed techniques, Hiromi reached a level comparable to that of a grade 1 sorcerer. Before entering Tokyo Colony No. 1, Higuruma exorcised numerous cursed spirits. Inside the colony, he killed at least twenty players who attacked him. This made Hiromi the first modern sorcerer to score 100 points in the Culling Game.

Hiromi’s talent as a lawyer perfectly translated into sorcery thanks to his compatible cursed technique. He can prosecute opponents using his superior knowledge of law proceedings while facing them one-on-one in his domain.

Once he’s succeeded in getting his target punished by Judgeman (i.e. having their cursed technique confiscated), Hiromi has enough fighting ability to take advantage, allowing him to crush them using his shape-shifting gavel.

Hiromi was able to convince Judgeman that Yuji was guilty and took away his ability to use cursed energy altogether. He tried to take Yuji out immediately but quickly realized that his opponent’s resistance was due to his superhuman physical prowess.

Hiromi responded by going all out and his full might nearly eliminate Yuji, who only managed to save himself by demanding a retrial at the last moment.

Expert Armed Combatant: Higuruma is highly proficient at wielding his gavel cursed tool in battle. His main form of direct combat is using the gavel to smash his opponents.

He makes it slightly change form to emulate an arsenal, displaying his weapon dexterity and ability to wield different types of arms. Yuji found himself nearly crushed by Hiromi and noted how the sorcerer was extremely powerful.

Superior Intellect: Hiromi is extraordinarily brilliant even by Law School standards. On top of the peers who already believe him to be a genius, one of his senior mentors recommended he become a judge before even graduating.

Hiromi has always readily overcome challenges such as his Law School’s entrance exam and the national bar exam. To him, it was just a simple matter of using the necessary effort to ascertain the required knowledge.

He applies the same reasoning to being a sorcerer, making up for the lack of experience professional sorcerers would normally have.

In just under two weeks, Hiromi studied and deduced the details of jujutsu based on his awakened cursed technique. While barrier techniques are complicated to most sorcerers, Hiromi was able to reverse engineer how casting barriers works in order to master control over his cursed energy.

When Judgeman confiscated Yuji’s cursed energy, Hiromi was quick to figure out that this occurred because Yuji does not possess an innate cursed technique. He also surmised that sorcerers normally lose their instincts after having their cursed technique taken away.

While not having cursed energy is even more disadvantageous, Yuji survived Hiromi’s onslaught with pure innate talent. Rather than write Yuji off, Hiromi the threat he possessed and never underestimated Yuji. Instead, he immediately poured all his effort into crushing Yuji before giving him any chance.

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