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Nanako Hasaba (枷場はさば菜々子ななこ Hasaba Nanako?) is an antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series and its prequel Jujutsu Kaisen: Jujutsu High. She was Mimiko Hasaba’s sister and they were both allies of Suguru Geto.

  • Kanji: 枷場菜々子
  • Rōmaji: Hasaba Nanako
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 15 (2017) – 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Light Brown

Appearance Nanako Hasaba

In all of her appearances, Nanako’s clothes are of the kogal style of the gyaru subculture.

Nanako has long light colored hair that she ties back into a bun. She wears a light colored button down sweater over a button down shirt, and a black skirt.

As a child, Nanako had short light colored hair that extended to the bottom of her head. She wore a sleeveless light colored dress with black shoes.

After being saved by Geto, Nanako wore a white hoodie and a black skirt.

During the Shibuya Incident, Nanako had long light colored hair that she keeps in a bun, with two strands that hang from the side of her head. She wore a light colored sailor uniform with a black collar, black skirt, white slouch socks, and black shoes.

Nanako Hasaba Personality

Similar to her twin sister, Mimiko Hasaba, Nanako cares deeply for Geto and confronted Pseudo-Geto about giving Geto’s body back. When he denies giving back Geto’s body, Nanako becomes very angry over this, in which she began to plot behind his back to recover the real Geto.

Synopsis Nanako Hasaba

Gojo’s Past Arc

Nanako along with Mimiko were captured, beaten, and imprisoned by some of the villagers living there as they believed that they were the cause of all the deaths in the village.

When Geto was sent to the village in order to investigate the cause of the deaths in the village, the villagers wanted him to kill the two sisters but instead he kills all the villagers and takes the two with him. Later Nanako watches with Mimiko as Geto takes over the Star Religious Group.

Cursed Child Arc

One day, Nanako along with the other leaders are summoned to a meeting with Geto about creating a paradise for sorcerers. After the meeting, Geto brings all the leaders to the Tokyo College so he can meet with Yuta.

After Geto declares his war, Nanako and the others leave to a specific shop to eat some crepes, since Nanako and Mimiko would only come if they went there next.

On December 24, Nanako was waiting inside of one of Geto’s spirits along with Mimiko until the operation begins.

When the operation starts, Nanako and Mimiko exit the spirit and start to attack the sorcerers. Nanako and Mimiko encounter Kiyotaka, who tries to get them to stop all of this, but the two tell him just how hard their lives were until they were saved by Geto.

When they suddenly hear a crash, they notice that Miguel is fighting Gojo. They then witness Gojo’s power and are shocked by it. After a certain time is reached, Nanako and Mimiko retreat along with the others.

After Geto is defeated, Nanako gets in an argument with her fellow allies about what they should do about getting Geto’s body back from the impostor that has taken over it.

As they are about to fight, they are stopped by Larue about how they should fight and that they go their separates way in order to fulfill their goals. Larue also comments about how they will meet up again since they are a family.

Shibuya Incident Arc

When Gojo is sealed and the cursed spirits leave, Nanako and Mimiko asks for Pseudo Geto to give back Geto’s body. When the impostor tells them that he won’t, the two tells him that he will regret that decision.

Later, Nanako along with Mimiko find a wounded Yuji. The two start to feed Yuji Sukuna’s fingers when Jogo shows up. As the two don’t tell Jogo anything, Jogo takes care of them.

Nanako manages to heal the two and prepare to fight Jogo, but Sukuna suddenly awakens. Nanako and Mimiko bow their heads to the ground to avoid Sukuna’s attack.

Sukuna hears out what they have to say since they gave him one of his fingers and they ask to kill Pseudo Geto to which Sukuna deems as disrespectful to him since they tried to order him, in which he slashes Mimiko to pieces. Horrified at this Nanako tries to fight Sukuna but instead meets the same fate as her sister.

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